Russia Successfully Developed Checkmate Fighter And Also Revealed F-117A Nighthawk's Weaknesses


Russia Successfully Developed Checkmate Fighter And Also Revealed F-117A Nighthawk's Weaknesses
Checkmate /Sergei Karpukhin/TASS

International Military - Russia has its newest light tactical fighter, the Checkmate. The aircraft was developed by the United Aircraft Corporation (part of the state technology company Rostec).

The aircraft is estimated to be capable of striking any target on the battlefield, Rostec claims. “The checkmate fighters are equipped with a versatile weaponry capable of countering any threat:

From unprotected command posts to highly sensitive targets for potential adversaries," Rostec said, quoted by TASS. As Rostec informs, Checkmate is able to complete tasks without entering enemy air defense areas.

"Importantly, the aircraft is capable of completing any task outside the air defense weapons operation area, thereby saving the life of the pilot," he said. In this case, who would have thought that Checkmate was developed by considering the weaknesses of the Raptor's predecessor, the F-117.

This is disclosed in a patent issued by the Russian Federal Intellectual Property Service. It is known that Russian developers took into account the 'weakness' of the predecessor of the American F-22 jet, the F-117A Nighthawk, which featured low radar visibility.

"This aircraft (F-117) had a number of drawbacks such as poor takeoff and landing characteristics, as well as inadequate stability and controllability in flight," the patent reads.

Therefore, the task of the checkmate developer was to eliminate the shortcomings of other known aircraft of this class. "The technical result of this invention is the achievement of greater stability and controllability of the aircraft without compromising the invisible characteristics of the radar," the statement said.

According to Defense World, the F-117 is a single-seat subsonic tactical attack stealth aircraft built by Lockheed Martin. The aircraft were intended for covert penetration through enemy air defense systems and strikes against strategically important ground targets. Its first flight took place on 18 June 1981 with a total of 64 aircraft built.

The F-117 has low visibility mainly due to the specific angular shape of the hull composite and special radar-absorbing and coating materials.

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