Elon Musk Rumored to Help Internet Connections in Ukraine with Starlink Satellite


Elon Musk Rumored to Help Internet Connections in Ukraine with Starlink Satellite
Elon Musk and Volodymyr Zelenskyy

International Military - Since the war that Russia launched into Ukraine on February 24, it has also disrupted internet signals in the region. On that occasion, Ukraine's Minister of Digital Transformation, Mykhailo Fedorov asked Elon Musk via Twitter to solve this problem.

This is taken advantage of by Elon Musk, considering he once challenged Russian President Vladimir Putin to a one-handed fight for the future of Ukraine. It turns out that the richest man will help send internet signals using the Starlink satellite operated by SpaceX.

The way it works is like an antenna that receives signals from space. The antenna will usually be installed on the roof and this time prioritized for rural areas or areas that are cut off from internet connections. "Starlink service is now active in Ukraine, more terminals (antennas) are on the way," Musk said on Twitter.

Ukraine has received thousands of antennas from Elon Musk's company as well as European allies, and they have proved highly effective for civilians there, reports the Washington Post. "The signal quality is excellent. We have used thousands of units and other shipments will continue to arrive every day," said Fedorov, one of Ukraine's ministers.

Starlink can be the master's weapon for Ukraine?

Apart from civilians, Starlink is also being used to help Ukrainian tech companies stay online when the war rages on. Today's use of the internet has a broad "meaning" for modern warfare. In addition to helping communication, the internet can also be used and even turn on weapons.

Quoted from The Times of London, it is said that Ukraine uses Starlink to connect with its drones. The concern is, the signal that radiates from the Starlink satellite will automatically tell the location of the antenna itself.

Russia and many other countries have technology capable of discovering, interfering with and even intercepting various types of transmissions. Starlink could be a target in this endeavor.

While it's not yet clear whether Russia can use the signal to get to its strike targets, Musk has cautioned caution. "Important warning: Starlink is the only non-Russian communication system that works in some parts of Ukraine, so will likely be their main target," he tweeted.

Musk added that only use it during an emergency and install the antenna in a location away from large crowds of people.

Starlink is a relatively new technology, much remains to be considered and whether it is feasible to use in conflict zones. Experts have warned that the device could become a master weapon, by telling Russian troops its location.

Although Fedorov denies this, he says that the Starling antennas are installed in densely populated areas where most are civilians.

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