Apple and Porsche Reportedly Will Collaborate

Apple and Porsche Reportedly Will Collaborate

International Military - Apple is an American multinational technology company that specializes in consumer electronics, software, and online services. It was recently reported that Apple is currently working with Porsche. What is known is that the executive has traveled to the United States to discuss cooperation.

Porsche CEO Oliver Blume did not provide an explanation regarding the collaboration. Blume just said that right now the two companies are on the same wavelength. It is even known that they have a close record of cooperation to date.

In this regard, Blume also said that they already have Apple Carplay, so are planning to expand on it. It should also be noted that the news regarding this collaboration also emerged when there were rumors that Apple would be releasing its own vehicle.

Apple reportedly plans to release a self-driving electric car in 2025. Not only that. It is also reported that Apple has recruited several people who will later be responsible for the electric car.

One of them is that they collaborated with former Tesla executives. Not only that, it is also known that they have devised a strategy to carry out testing of electric vehicles which are planned to be completed in 2023.

However, regarding this, neither Apple nor Porsche have responded to the rumors circulating at this time. In this regard, Blume only made it clear last Friday that it would detail Porsche's electric vehicle targets.

It is also expected that more than 80% of the new vehicles sold by the company will be electric vehicles by 2030. It should be noted at this point that Porsche's only electric vehicle offering is the Taycan sedan. Which during 2021 the company has managed to sell up to 41,296 Taycan sedans to the public.

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