Unique in the SHORAD Ptitselov Combat Vehicle, Special Vehicle For Russian Airborne Forces


Unique in the SHORAD Ptitselov Combat Vehicle, Special Vehicle For Russian Airborne Forces

International Military - A short range air defense (SHORAD) named Ptitselov is currently being talked about a lot. This discussion concerns his active assignment in the Russian military service.

Quoted from militaryleak.com that SHORAD Ptitselov has a special assignment in the Russian Airborne Forces. With the assignment of Ptitselov's SHORAD in the airborne troops, the special sophistication of this defense system is quite capable.

It was explained that the Ptitselov SHORAD itself could be attached to various heavyweight ranpurs such as BTR, BMP, and BMD. As a result, from being able to be paired with various types of ranpur, the Ptitselov SHORAD can carry 12 missiles.

It should be noted that the Ptitselov SHORAD missile is a Sosna-R type which has a range of 10km. From this range, SHORAD Ptitselov is able to hit various types of aerial objects. Starting from UAVs, helicopters, fighter jets, and subsonic missiles can be deflected by SHORAD Ptitselov easily.

And the most absurd thing about SHORAD Ptitselov is that this air defense system can be launched from an aircraft. From this, SHORAD Ptitselov was able to be mobilized quickly to the front lines. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Ptitselov SHORAD is specifically intended for airborne troops.

Because to protect vital objects and mobility quickly, the role of SHORAD Ptitselov is quite necessary. Especially for the deployment of troops to the front line, the role of air protector SHORAD Ptitselov is very important.

Apart from that for Ptitselov platforms such as the BMD-4 is the ideal vehicle for this type of SHORAD. Because platforms like the BMD-4 in SHORAD Ptitselov itself have extraordinary capabilities in terms of dimensions.

Because of the width and length of the BMD-4, it is suitable to be loaded into transport aircraft and can be parachuted down. In addition, for Russian airborne forces like the VDV is a well-known and very elite force in various battles.

Quoting from edam.org.tr that the Russian airborne force called VDV was formed in 1930. The VDV airborne force was formed to meet the Russian military branch to respond to lightning fast attacks to control areas that have been occupied by the enemy.

No wonder, that airborne troops often use Russian military transport aircraft to mobilize troops quickly. The aircraft used by the VDV airborne troops was an Ilyushin-76 aircraft. From the Ilyushin-76 aircraft, airborne troops can infiltrate and can include Ptitselov's SHORAD.

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