Myanmar's Q-5 Fighter Jet Crashes Into Sagaing Lake, Pilot Dead


Myanmar's Q-5 fighter jet crashes into Sagaing Lake, pilot dead
Body of the Q-5 Fighter Jet After being evacuated it crashed and caused a pilot to die

International Military - The sad news came from the Myanmar flight, where it was known that one of the pilots was declared dead when the fighter jet he was operating crashed. It is known that the fighter jet was made in China, named the Nanchang A-5 or called the Q-5 aircraft.

Quoted from the Twitter account @Hillsnaga, the fighter jet crashed east of Ohn taw Village, Sagaing on Wednesday, February 16, 2022. Not only that, the upload also saw several photos when officers were evacuating the Q-5 fighter jet.

In the aero time page, it is also explained that the Q-5 fighter jet does routinely fly in the Sagaing region of Myanmar. As for the cause of the accident, it was explained that the jet crashed due to a mechanical failure, so it fell into a lake and resulted in the pilot's death. In an official statement, it was conveyed that the last contact with the pilot occurred at 04:13 GMT or 11.13 WIB. Thus making the team to conduct search and rescue on the pilot and also this Q-5 fighter jet. It was previously known that the jet had taken off from Tada-U Air Base for a non-combat training flight.

It is known, the Q-5 is a fighter jet that focuses on ground attacks and is a clone of the Soviet MiG-19 Farmer. However, the Q-5 has a long head end that makes it capable of accommodating radar. In fact it can also accommodate internal weapons and also upgrades to the fuselage. Its production has been introduced since 1970 and continued until 2012. Meanwhile, the Myanmar Air Force has received this Chinese-made A-5 since 1994 as well as 2000.

Quoted from The Defense Post page, plane crashes are common in Myanmar. One of the reasons is the rainy season which causes problems for commercial and military flights. In June last year, 12 people were killed in a military plane carrying a monk to a religious event.

In 2017, there was a major plane crash in which 122 people lost their lives. And also in 2015 a plane crash also occurred while on the runway which resulted in the death of a passenger and a person outside the plane.

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