France Warns Russia on Threat of Use of Nuclear Weapons


France Warns Russia on Threat of Use of Nuclear Weapons
Russia introduced the RS-24 Yars ICBM missile in July 2010. As of early 2014, Russia is expected to have 50 RS-24 Yars and receive 24 RS-24 Yars by 2015. Russia will have 108 RS-24 Yars ballistic missiles by 2020. Missile systems expert Russian strategist from the Moscow Institute of Thermal Technologies, Yuri Solomonov said that Russia's nuclear weapons have surpassed the US and will be more powerful in the future,

International Military - After attacking Ukraine, France warned Russia on the second day of the war. Since Thursday, February 24, 2022, the President of Russia has indeed ordered to carry out military operations in Ukraine. Which was a few hours after that, there were several attacks on Ukrainian territory, one of which was their Main Airport.

Related to this, many countries finally intervened and began to impose some sanctions on Russia as a result of the attack. It is even known today, France has also given a warning to Russia on the second day of this conflict.

Quoted from the Hindustan Times, during the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it was reported that 137 people had died in the two days of conflict. Thus, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy expressed his concern over the significant threat posed by Russia's nuclear weapons.

The President of the United States on Thursday, February 24, 2022, has also discussed this matter. In which he mentions the possibility of a nuclear strike which seems implied in the Russian threat.

Even Russian President Vladimir Putin has also warned of the biggest consequences in history if any country intervened.

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Besides Joe Biden, French Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian has also explained this. According to him, the statements made by Putin are tantamount to threats related to the use of nuclear weapons.

Therefore, he also warned Russia that the NATO-North Atlantic Treaty Organization, an intergovernmental military bloc that also has nuclear weapons.

It is estimated that Russia has about 6,200 nuclear warheads, of which about 1,600 are strategically deployed nuclear warheads. The United States has about 3,750, with another 150 to 200 deployed in five NATO countries. And for the UK and France have about 500 nukes.

However, it should be noted, the impact if both sides have nuclear weapons is a big disaster. This is because the waste generated will make the area uninhabitable because the environment has been damaged.

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