Russia-Ukraine War Escalates, US Withdraws Ukrainian Embassy Presence


Russia-Ukraine war escalates, US withdraws Ukrainian embassy presence
Russian military sightings near the Ukrainian border

Washington - The US State Department on Sunday ordered the families of all American help at the US Embassy in Ukraine to leave the country incontinently amid growing fears of a Russian irruption. 


 The department informed staff at the US Embassy in Kyiv that they had to leave the country. It also said that unnecessary delegacy staff could leave Ukraine at the expenditure of the government. 

The move comes amid rising Russian military pressures on the Ukrainian border that didn't abate during Friday's addresses between Foreign Minister Antony Blinken and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva. 


 A State Department functionary said the Kyiv delegacy would remain open and the advertisement didn't constitute an evacuation. The move has been under consideration for some time and doesn't reflect dwindling US support for Ukraine, officers said. 

In a statement, the State Department noted recent reports that Russia is planning significant military action against Ukraine. Still, Russia's Foreign Ministry indicted NATO countries of adding pressures around Ukraine with intimation. 


 The State Department added “ Security conditions, particularly along the Ukrainian border, in Russian-engaged Crimea, and in Russian-controlled eastern Ukraine, are changeable and could worsen with little notice. Demonstrations, which occasionally turn violent, regularly take place across Ukraine, including in Kyiv."

The trip warning for Russia was also amended “ Don't travel to Russia due to ongoing pressures along the border with Ukraine, implicit importunity of US citizens, limited capability of the delegacy to help US citizens in Russia, COVID-19 and entry related restrictions, terrorism, importunity by Russian government security officers, and arbitrary original law enforcement.” 


 The State Department would not say how numerous Americans it believed were presently in Ukraine. US citizens aren't needed to apply to the delegacy when they arrive or plan to stay abroad for an extended period of time. 

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