Ignore US Criticism, South Korean Presidential Candidate Angry With North Korean Missile Launch


Ignore US Criticism, South Korean Presidential Candidate Angry With North Korean Missile Launch

South Korean - The nuclear envoys of South Korea and the United States (US) share deep concern over North Korea's series of bullet test launches. 


 Noh Kyu-duk, special representative for peace and security on the Korean Peninsula, held exigency consultations with his US counterpart, Sung Kim. The consultations came hours after North Korea fired two short- range ballistic dumdums into the East Sea. 

"Both sides agreed that it's veritably important to help the situation from deteriorating and agreed to expand cooperation with applicable parties to renew addresses with North Korea under close discussion between South Korea and the United States.". Sung Kim explosively condemned Pyongyang's ballistic bullet launch as a violation of UN Security Judgments, while Noh Kyu-duk stressed politic sweats to defuse pressures on the Korean Peninsula. 

The raising pressures were sparked by Pyongyang's signal last week that it would lift its doldrums on nuclear and long- range bullet tests. On the other hand, South Korean presidential seeker Lee Jae-myung condemned North Korea's rearmost launch of a ballistic bullet and described the munitions test as a military provocation. 

Lee Jae-myung told journalists that he expressed remorse and strong commination of North Korea's rearmost launch. Lee Jae-myung indicted North Korea of trying to impact South Korean politics ahead of the March 9 presidential election. 


" Abstain from carrying out similar military provocations, which could impact South Korean politics, will help stabilize the Korean Peninsula,"Lee told media. 

Lee prompted North Korea to respond to sweats to renew dialogue with South Korea to stabilize the Korean Peninsula with a tone stronger than the words used by the National Security Council (NSC).  As a presidential seeker, Lee Jae-myung promised to continue peace measures against North Korea if he was tagged. 

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