A Ukrainian soldier arrested after shooting kills 4 fellow soldiers and 1 civilian

A Ukrainian soldier arrested after shooting kills 4 fellow soldiers and 1 civilian
This handout photograph taken from the official Facebook account of the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs on Jan. 27, 2022, shows the arrest of Artemiy Ryabchuk in Dnipro

Kyiv, Ukraina - A member of the Ukrainian Army on Thursday opened fire on his fellow dogfaces, killing five people and wounding five others, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry said. The dogface was detained by police but his motive remains unclear. 


The incident passed in the megacity of Dnipro, 500 kilometers southeast of Kyiv on Thursday morning. The dogface, linked by authorities as Artemiy Ryabchuk, 20, was on guard duty at a military plant and opened fire on his comrades, fleeing the scene incontinently. 

Four dogfaces and one servicewoman were killed, and five others were injured. Police detained Ryabchuk shortly after the firing. It wasn't incontinently clear what urged him to open fire. President Volodymyr Zelenskyy demanded the authorities probe and dissect the incident completely. 

“ I anticipate law enforcement to completely inform the public of all the circumstances of the crime. The motive of the killer, how (the firing) came possible-everything must be anatomized as completely as possible,"Zelenskyy said in an online statement. 


The firing took place against a background of raising pressures between Russia and Ukraine. Moscow has amassed about colors near its border with Ukraine, sparking fears that such a buildup might indicate plans to attack its former Soviet neighbour. 

The Kremlin denies hiding any similar plans, but demands security guarantees from the West, including a clause precluding NATO from accepting Ukraine and otherex-Soviet countries as members-a request the US and NATO have refused as nonstarters. 


Ukrainian officers have conceded the trouble of an irruption, but contend it'll not be and charge Russia of picking pressure and fear among Ukrainians to destabilize the country from within. 

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