After receiving sanctions from the US for buying S-400 missiles, Turkey is now turning to the F-35 fighter jet


After receiving sanctions from the US for buying S-400 missiles, Turkey is now turning to the F-35 fighter jet
F-35 stealth fighter jet

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar said the government would start addresses on the F-35 fighter spurt with the United States in late January or beforehand coming month. A Turkish delegation will visit Washington in the coming days to bandy the F-35. 


This was conveyed by Akar to the Tunca Bengin columnist for the review Milliyet during his visit to the southeast rnak over the weekend. Turkey's purchase of the first batch of Russian S-400 dumdums in 2019 urged the Pentagon to suspend it from the F-35 covert fighter spurt development and purchase program. 

Still, NATO will be strong,"If Turkey is strong. Turkey's strength is the added value of NATO's power. What will be if you block Turkey's power with an proscription,"Akar said. 


In October, the United States and Turkey entered disagreement resolution addresses following Ankara's expatriation from the F-35 program. The United States is seeking to hypercritically conclude former NATO member Turkey's involvement in the program after its junking was perfected on September 23, the Pentagon said. 

Conversations were productive, and delegates planned to meet again in the coming months in Washington, he said. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said his government owed$1.4 billion that was paid into the program to develop and buy the F-35. 


In September, he said that Washington had proposed dealing Turkey's F-16s to neutralize a$1.4 billion investment in the F-35. In response, the United States said it hadn't submitted an offer to Ankara to finance the purchase of the F-16 fighter spurts.

F-16 fighter spurts

"We asked how we'd admit the F-35. They said they understood,"Akar said on Sunday. The fate of the six F-35s produced for Turkey staying in the hangar is also being bandied, he added. 


Reporting from Turkish Defense News, six units of F-35 fighter spurts produced for the Turkish Air Force weren't delivered due to US warrants. The US warrants were assessed after Turkey decided to do with its purchase of the S-400 Air Defense Missile System from Russia. 

The Turkish Air Force, which has plans to supply 100 F-35 Lightning IIs under the Joint Offensive Aircraft (JSF) Program, has officially ordered 30 aircraft. In this environment, a aggregate of 30 aircraft will be delivered in 2018, 4 in 2019, 8 in 2020, 8 in 2021, and 8 in 2022. Still, the United States decided to put an proscription and CAATSA warrants on Turkey over the S-400 bullet defense system procurement. Air. 


"As you know, we got a$ 1 billion 400 million payment from the F-35. Starting from this payment, we concentrated on how we can move this process to a good point. In addition, further F-16s are coming to the fore. The issue of contemporizing our being F-16s or delivering new F-16s is on our docket,"Turkish President Erdogan said last time. 

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