Getting Scarier, Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter Jet Uses New Long-Range Missile

Getting Scarier, Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter Jet Uses New Long-Range Missile
Getting Scarier, Russian Su-57 Stealth Fighter Jet Uses New Long-Range Missile

International Military - Russia is equipping its Su-57 Felon stealth fighter with the latest long-range cruise missiles. The long-range cruise missile is said to be able to accurately attack targets up to 600 kilometers away. The details of the long-range cruise missile (KRBB) used by the Su-57 Felon have not been mentioned.

The Bulgarian Military website suspects that the long-range cruise missiles used are similar to those used on the Su-34M Fullback fighter aircraft used during special military operations in Ukraine. “The new KRBB (long-range cruise missile) was developed with internal deployment for the Su-57.

"Despite its relatively smaller dimensions, the range of this missile is similar to the weapons used by the Tu-95MS and Tu-160 strategic bombers," wrote Russian news agency RIA Novosti.

The report highlights the ability of air-launched long-range cruise missiles to accurately strike targets up to 600 kilometers away. The document provides details of the Russian Air Force's (VKS) usage pattern, which states long-range operations involve cruise missiles with a range of between 1,000 and 6,500 kilometers.

Previously, several sources speculated that this as yet unidentified missile may be an upgraded version of the R-37 or RVV-BD/R-37M air-to-air missile (AAM). This missile is capable of being launched from several aircraft including the Su-57 and Su-35S. These two fighter aircraft can attack targets at low and high altitudes and up to a distance of 300 kilometers.

However, the reported missile, designed for use on fifth-generation jets, has not been officially revealed. The use of sophisticated long-range cruise missiles on the Su-57 stealth fighter is very important because it is useful for carrying out long-range attacks on land while avoiding infiltration into enemy territory. This capability helps avoid detection by US Airborne Early Warning (AEW) or NATO E-3 Sentry aircraft, which often patrol border areas.

Vladimir Artyakov, First Deputy Director General of Rostec, stated this year that the Su-57 platform was going through an evolutionary phase. "Its combat capabilities are enhanced and the latest technological advances are incorporated into it, so that it continues to improve its capabilities," he said.

Standout capabilities among its cutting-edge features are an advanced communications system, intuitive pilot interface and technologically advanced cockpit. Official Russian media stated that some of these functions could be strengthened through the application of artificial intelligence (AI).

The Su-57 fighter aircraft is equipped with two internal weapons bays located between the engines and two side bays for defense and offense. Other facilities include the ability to accommodate a wide range of weapons on ten internal and six external hardpoints. Among these are the R-74M Archer and R-77M Adder air-to-air missile (AAM) technology and the Kh-38M air-to-surface missile.

The aircraft is also equipped with Kh-31AD and Kh-35U anti-ship missiles, which are further upgraded with Kh-31PD and Kh-58UShK anti-radiation missiles.

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