4 Advantages of US F-16 Fighter Jets That Are Targeted by Ukraine

4 Advantages of US F-16 Fighter Jets That Are Targeted by Ukraine
4 Advantages of US F-16 Fighter Jets That Are Targeted by Ukraine

International Military - The request for F-16 fighter jets by Ukrainian officials to the Western allies actually started a year ago. However, the United States, as the country that produces the jet, refused because it has the potential to escalate conflict. But President Joe Biden some time ago reversed direction and allowed the provision of these fighter jets. Including to conduct training for Ukrainian pilots.

Ukraine's desire for F-16 fighter jets is certainly not without reason. The US flagship aircraft is indeed considered to have many advantages that can support the strength of the Ukrainian Air Force.

Following are a number of advantages possessed by the F-16 Fighter Jet, from maneuverability to weaponry.

1. Have Superior Maneuverability

In the air combat role, the F-16's maneuverability and combat radius can exceed all potential fighter threats. The great maneuverability of this aircraft was due to the advice of an experienced former pilot, Colonel John Boyd, who is well versed in modern fighter aircraft technology.

Boyd estimates that the light fighter type is one that can maneuver optimally in the air. These suggestions were then implemented in the F-16. After the aircraft was produced by General Dynamic in October 1976, Boyd's maneuver tactics were adopted as the main standard for US fighter pilots.

2. Making the Pilot Have a Broad View

The bubble-shaped cockpit and canopy give the pilot a wide, unobstructed view. The seat back angle was also widened, from the usual 13 degrees to 30 degrees, thereby increasing pilot comfort.

3. Have Target Finder Radar and Early Warning

The F-16 fighter jet has also been equipped with a sophisticated radar system on the nose of the aircraft. The radar, named Westinghouse AN/APG-66 Doppler, is capable of accurately detecting targets in various modes.

The radar has four radar modes for air-to-air combat purposes and seven modes for air-to-surface attack purposes. In addition, there is also the ALR-69 radar, which allows the pilot to receive a warning when danger appears.

4. Have Deadly Weapons

The F-16 fighter jet has been blessed with one 20 mm caliber M61 Vulcan Gatling machine gun, 70 mm caliber CRV7 rocket, and six missiles of the AIM-9 Sidewinder, AIM-120 AMRAAM, or python-4 type.

For land targets, the F-16 is equipped with six AGM-65 Maverick air-to-surface missiles or four AGM-119 Penguin anti-ship missiles. There are also several bombs that can be carried, such as GBU-87, GBU-89, GBU-97, GBU-10 Paveway, GBU-12 Paveway II, Paveway Laser Guided Bomb, JDAM, Mk 80, and a nuclear bomb with the code name B61.

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