Türkiye Shows Off Advanced Technology Of Altay Tanks That Have Been Equipped With Hybrid Protection

Türkiye Shows Off Advanced Technology Of Altay Tanks That Have Been Equipped With Hybrid Protection
Türkiye Shows Off Advanced Technology Of Altay Tanks That Have Been Equipped With Hybrid Protection

Ankara - Türkiye demonstrated advanced technology embedded in the Altay main battle tank prototype. The Turkish Armed Forces (Turkish Armed Forces/TAF) have received 2 Altay tanks equipped with a hybrid protection system.

The Altay tank has been updated to suit the modern combat environment since the first prototypes were produced. Many problematic subsystems are fixed using local components. The Altay tank's combat capability has been enhanced by adding updated technologies and innovations.

The national tank program has been redefined under the name "New Altay" by acquiring additional characteristics related to the operations carried out by the TAF. Turkish sources claim that the Altay tank has integrated a fair amount of digital technology. The new digital technology will help the Altay tank to shoot more accurately and have the ability to detect enemy targets in a relatively short time.

“The fire control system is equipped with a laser rangefinder and image stabilization system which is much more sensitive. In this way, the tank will be able to detect targets at long distances and accurately hit all targets with a high hit rate," wrote the Bulgarian Military website.

Thanks to the fire control system, the Altay tank's "fire and move" capabilities will be enhanced. The Altay tank can engage targets with high accuracy, both while moving and stationary, on rough terrain or during evasive maneuvers.

Hybrid Protection As a generation 3+ tank, the Altay is equipped with the addition of advanced armor modules that provide modular passive protection and active protection systems. This means that the Altay tank carries the concept of hybrid protection on its newest tank prototype. The protection system is one of the three important requirements that the Altay tank carries after it evolves into a 3+ generation tank. The hybrid protection system is completely designed by Turkish engineers.

Another important feature of the new Altay is that it has a flexible architecture that can adapt to evolving technologies. Thanks to these characteristics, the Altay tank can be modernized according to the different concepts required by the Turkish Armed Forces in the future. New Altay tank, using a 12.7 mm gun system and 7.62 mm gun.

The turret is equipped with ammunition racks, turret gears, rotors, flat periscopes, second stage sniper auxiliary measurement system, slide rings, manual firing system, fuel heater and bilge pumps, hydraulic pumps. Includes walking wheel system and cooling vest. In addition, all new Altay tanks will also have a simulator system ranging from modern, efficient and individual levels. This simulator helps the Turkish army strengthen the training system under commander control in any battlefield environment.

The Altay tank has undergone more than 200 firing tests to improve fire characteristics and mobility. In addition, endurance tests were also carried out by traveling thousands of kilometers in various fields in various weather.

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