Specifications of the Indonesian Navy LVTP-7A1 Combat Vehicle that Can Jump Through the Sea

Specifications of the Indonesian Navy LVTP-7A1 Combat Vehicle that Can Jump Through the Sea
Specifications of the Indonesian Navy LVTP-7A1 Combat Vehicle that Can Jump Through the Sea

Jakarta - Indonesia needs more amphibious combat vehicles (ranpur). One of them, such as the LVTP-7A1 type belonging to the Marines of the Indonesian Navy (AL) that currently exists. Reporting from the Random World War Twitter @RandomWorldWar, the Marine Amphibious Combat Vehicle of the Indonesian Navy @_TNIAL_ type LVTP-7A1 currently used is made in the United States (US).

This combat vehicle has many advantages, one of which is being able to cross the open seas in the Pacific Ocean. In the photo shared, the LVTP-7A1 amphibious assault rifle was released from KRI Banda Aceh-593, during the 2014 RIMPAC exercise. "This armored personnel carrier was the result of a grant from South Korea," he said, quoted on Sunday (21/5/2023).

Unfortunately, the amount of the grant is still very small, even though Indonesia needs more military equipment that can be used to transport 20 marines with complete combat equipment, such as this LVTP-7A1. "Even if we have to buy used ones, that's a good decision. Because we really need a lot of amphibious APCs," he explained.

In Indonesia, the LVTP-7A1 ranpur belonging to the Marines of the Indonesian Navy is also famous for its ability to hit the surface of the sea, such as "jumping" very brutally! This action is spelled out very amazing to do. "Even the crew of a United States Marine LVTP-7A1 wouldn't necessarily have the courage to do it," he concluded.

The Indonesian Navy operates the LVTP-7A1, which is a variant of the LVTP-7 (Landing Vehicle, Tracked, Personnel) amphibious assault vehicle. The LVTP-7A1 is designed to transport troops and equipment from ship to shore during amphibious operations. Here are some key specifications of the Indonesian Navy's LVTP-7A1 combat vehicle:

  • Role: Amphibious assault vehicle for transporting troops and equipment.
  • Crew: Usually, a crew of three (driver, commander, and gunner).
  • Troop Capacity: Can carry up to 25 fully equipped troops.
  • Weight: Approximately 25.4 metric tons (28 short tons).
  • Length: Approximately 10.1 meters (33.1 feet).
  • Width: Approximately 3.6 meters (11.8 feet).
  • Height: Approximately 3.4 meters (11.2 feet).
  • Armor: Provides protection against small arms fire and shell fragments.
  • Engine: Diesel engine, delivering around 525 horsepower.
  • Maximum Speed: Approximately 64 km/h (40 mph) on land and 12 km/h (7.5 mph) in water.
  • Range: Approximately 480 kilometers (300 miles) on land and 32 kilometers (20 miles) in water.
  • Armament: Typically equipped with a 12.7mm machine gun and a 40mm automatic grenade launcher for self-defense.
  • Amphibious Capability: Capable of launching from ship to shore and conducting operations in water with the aid of its propellers and tracks.
  • NBC Protection: Provides limited protection against nuclear, biological, and chemical threats.
  • Communication Systems: Equipped with radio communication systems for command and control.

Please note that these specifications are based on the general features and capabilities of the LVTP-7A1, and specific details may vary depending on the variant and modifications made by the Indonesian Navy.

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