Russian Su-57 Fighter Jet Shakes the Sky of Ukraine, Capable of Controlling Drones as Far as 1500 KM

Russian Su-57 Fighter Jet Shakes the Sky of Ukraine, Capable of Controlling Drones as Far as 1500 KM
Russian Su-57 Fighter Jet Shakes the Sky of Ukraine, Capable of Controlling Drones as Far as 1500 KM

Moscow - Russian Sukhoi Su-57 Felon stealth fighter jets scared NATO warplanes deployed on the Russian-Ukrainian battlefield. As quoted from Airforce Technology, the Su-57 Felon is capable of sending and controlling four unmanned combat aerial vehicles (UCAV) on a combat mission. Four Sukhoi S-70 Okhotnik stealth combat drones can be controlled by one Su-57 up to a distance of 1,500 km. This means that the S-70 will penetrate deep into enemy areas protected by air defense systems.

At the same time, the Su-57 fighter will remain in the safe zone of actual combat operations. It is known that Rostec is developing a new communication system for the Su-57 based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to realize this capability. Rostec said that the communication will take place at very high frequencies.

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The AI system will encode data transfer between battle group participants. Rostec added, the new AI communication system of the Su-57 will allow compatibility with ground platform and headquarters communication systems. This means turning the Su-57 not only into a combat platform but also the main base for coordinating military operations.

According to Rostec, the AI-based technology enables noise-resistant coding through the use of parallel channels. Its structure includes multiple interlaced symbols, time synchronization during transfer, simultaneous data transmission in all directions (air-to-ground or air-to-air), and increased range of transmitted data.

The Su-57 and S-70 deadly duet itself was successfully carried out in early October 2019. However, at that time the Su-57 had only controlled one S-70. The main avionics systems are the Sh-121 (Russian: ะจ-121) multi-function integrated radio-electronic system (MIRES) and the 101KS "Atoll" electro-optical system.

The Sh-121 consists of the N036 Byelka radar system and the L402 Himalaya electronic deterrence system. The N036 consists of a main nose-mounted N036-1-01 X-Band AESA radar, or active-phase array radar, with 1,514 T/R modules and two N036B-1-01 X-band AESA radars.

Strengthened with 404 T/R modules embedded in the forward fuselage cheeks for increased corner coverage. In addition, the side-view radar can allow the Su-57 to use extreme beam tactics (the aircraft turns 90 degrees perpendicular to the enemy's pulse doppler radar array, so that enemy radar will not detect it mistaking it as stationary) while still guiding its own missiles.

The suite also features two N036L-1-01 L band transceivers on the leading wing extensions which are used not only to address the N036Sh Pokosnik (Reaper) friend-or-foe identification system, but also for electronic warfare purposes. Computer processing of X- and L-band signals by the N036UVS computer and processor allows system information to be significantly enhanced.

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