Specifications Of The Tu-22M3, Russian Bombers with Terrible Capabilities

Specifications Of The Tu-22M3, Russian Bombers with Terrible Capabilities
Specifications Of The Tu-22M3, Russian Bombers with Terrible Capabilities

Moskow - Russia is one of the countries with a capable military force. This status makes Russia quite respected by other countries, including its rivals and enemies. Apart from the army it has, Russia also has a lot of sophisticated military weaponry with terrible capabilities. Of all the types, one that is quite interesting is the Tu-22M3 bomber.

The specifications of the Russian Tu-22M3 Bomber or Tupolev Tu-22M3 are one of the variants of the Tu-22M aircraft. For your information, the Tu-22M itself is a Russian strategic bomber that has been developed since the Soviet Union era.

Quoted from EurAsian Times, this bomber was developed by the Soviet Union during the Cold War era. The first prototype flew in 1977. After many trials and quality improvements, the Tu-22M3 entered service in 1989.

When compared to its predecessor, this aircraft has many features that have been improved to overcome existing deficiencies. At its performance, this Russian bomber can reach up to 6,800 kilometers or about 4,200 miles. While the maximum height that can be achieved is 14,000 m with a climbing rate of 15m/s.

Meanwhile, the speed itself can reach 2,200 km / h (mach 1.88). Moving on to the runway, the Tu-22M3 is powered by two Kuznetsov NK-25 turbofan engines mounted in a body with large air intakes and dual exhausts. In the weaponry it carries, this Russian bomber can embed several weapons such as cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles, and bombs.

In its operational history, the Tu-22M3 has been involved in many operations, including during the war against Ukraine. On April 14, 2022, Russia used it to attack the Azovstal factory in Mariupol. Then, around June 2022 they also used it to support air strikes from Belarusian territory. At that time, Ukrainian intelligence estimated that there were 6 bombers carrying 12 X-22 cruise missiles.

Full specifications of the Russian Tupolev Tu-22M3 Bomber:

Development : Soviet Union

Type : Bomber (TU-22M Variant)

Operation : Since 1989

Engine: 2 Kuznetsov NK-25 Turbofan Engines

Range : 6,800 km

Altitude (Max): 14,000 m

Speed (Max): 2,200 km/hour

Weapons : Cruise Missiles, Anti-Ship Missiles, Bombs

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