Specifications of the B61 Nuclear Bomb, US Deadly weapon Supersonic Fighter Jet

Specifications of the B61 Nuclear Bomb, US Owned Supersonic Fighter Jet Weapon
Specifications of the B61 Nuclear Bomb, US Deadly weapon Supersonic Fighter Jet

International Military - The B61 nuclear bomb is the United States' main surviving thermonuclear gravity bomb after the end of the Cold War. The B61 nuclear bomb is a low to medium range strategic and tactical nuclear weapon featuring a two-stage radiation blast design.

The B61 nuclear bomb has a length of 3.56 meters with a diameter of 33 cm wrapped in a slim casing so that it can be carried by fighter aircraft traveling at supersonic speeds. The B61 nuclear bomb has a base weight of about 320 kg, subject to change according to version configuration and fuze/retardation.

Quoted from Eurasiantimes, the stockpile of the B-61 nuclear bomb consists of four variants, namely B61: 3, 4, 7 and 11. The United States is preparing the latest version of B61 MOD 12 or B61-12 to replace the four previous variants. This is a Full Fuzing Option (FUFO) weapon, meaning it comes with a variety of fuzing and delivery options. Including air and ground fuzing, and free-fall, retarded-fall and laydown delivery.

The fuzing system is the signal part of the weapon to trigger the firing system. The fuzing system usually consists of a radar, baro switch, timer, impact crystal, antenna and baro sensing element.

In December 2021, the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) announced that the first production units of the B61-12 had been completed. Full-scale manufacturing is expected to start in May 2022 and production will be completed around fiscal 2026. The project is estimated to cost USD 8.4 billion.

The B61-12 nuclear bomb is the newest member of the B61 family of air-launched nuclear gravity bombs. The new model is designed to enhance the nuclear capabilities of the US Air Force and its allies.

The B61-12 nuclear bomb can be launched from the air by fighter aircraft, such as the B-2A, F-15E, F-16C/D, F-16 MLU, PA-200, F-35, and B-21. The B61-12 nuclear bomb is NATO's answer to the main weapon of the F-35 stealth fighter against Russia. The B61-12 nuclear bomb is the first to use precision guidance of any variant and is expected to have an accuracy of around 30 meters.

The B61-12 nuclear bomb features a GPS and inertial navigation (INS) guided tail kit and strakes along the main body of the weapon similar to conventional direct attack ammunition (JDAM) bombs.

Quoted from Airforce-Technology, the B61-12 air-launched tactical nuclear bomb is capable of carrying a low-yield nuclear warhead to destroy military targets with minimum collateral damage. Located in the center of the bomb, the warhead will have four yield options, including 0.3kt, 1.5kt, 10kt and 50kt.

The B61-12 nuclear bomb completed its successful flight test on a US Air Force F-15E fighter jet in June 2020. The bomb was dropped from 25,000 feet (7,260 meters) and was in the air for about 55 seconds before hitting its target.


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