Specifications of the French Mirage 2000C Fighter Jet To Be Sent To Ukraine

Specifications of the French Mirage 2000C Fighter Jet To Be Sent To Ukraine
Specifications of the French Mirage 2000C Fighter Jet To Be Sent To Ukraine

Paris - Ukraine is a country that has been at war with Russia since February 2022. During its development, Ukraine continued to ask for weapons, artillery, and received offers from France for veteran fighter jets.

Quoted from The Drive, Thomas Gassilloud, chairman of the National Assembly Committee for National Defense and Armed Services, said that the French government agreed to supply the fighter jets that Ukraine wanted.

This fighter jet is the Mirage 2000C which has been operating in Paris since 1983. Even though it is relatively old, this aircraft is expected to help the Ukrainian air force fleet in the future.

This multi-role aircraft made by Dassault Aviation has been sent to various countries such as Egypt, UAE, Greece, India, Peru, to Qatar. The Mirage 2000C, which has one seat, was once the pride of the French people, because it was recorded as the strongest fighter in Europe.

This delta wing fighter has a maximum speed of 2,351 km/hour, and is capable of traveling at an altitude of up to 16,000 meters. This 13-ton iron bird is equipped with nine hard points for carrying weapon systems, five on the underside and two on each wing.

Weapons that are often used include multitarget MICA combat missiles and Magic 2 combat missiles. This aircraft can carry four MICA missiles, two Magic missiles, and three drop tanks simultaneously. This French aircraft is in the same class as the F-16 from the US and the MiG-29 from the Soviet Union. It's a shame that the Mirage 2000C doesn't follow in the footsteps of its modernizing competitors.

Reporting from Eurasiantimes, the options for modernizing the Mirage 2000 fleet are said to be very limited, making this aircraft even more left behind. Finally, on June 23, 2022, the French Air Force officially retired the aircraft after operating for approximately 40 years.

One of the weaknesses of this aircraft is the lack of radar-guided missiles for long-range attacks. So that the weapon launched by this jet is only capable of close range attacks. The retirement of the Mirage 2000C also makes the Mirage 2000-5 the only fighter aircraft made in France that is still active in the Air Force of the country of Eiffel.

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