This is the Kawasaki EC-1, a Sophisticated Japanese Aircraft That Only Made 1 Unit

This is the Kawasaki EC-1, a Sophisticated Japanese  Aircraft That Only Made 1 Unit
This is the Kawasaki EC-1, a Sophisticated Japanese  Aircraft That Only Made 1 Unit

International Military - Not only good at making motorbikes, Kawasaki has also been noted to have made a super-sophisticated EC-1 aircraft and it is the only one in the world. Kawasaki does have the ability to manufacture advanced technology, apparently used by the Japanese to independently work on reconnaissance aircraft with the function of electronic warfare (electronic warfare).

What is meant is the Kawasaki EC-1, which is identical to the duck nose. Even though it is not a new arsenal, there is something unique about EC-1, namely operating 'alone'. Called alone, because the Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, currently only operates one type of EC-1, and coincidentally, the existing unit is also the only one left, giving a unique identity, because the type of aircraft with similar capabilities, on average owned by more than one unit by other countries.

The Kawasaki EC-1 is equipped with the domestically produced XJ/ALQ-5 ECM and Toshiba ELINT electronic warfare systems (together with American ECM and Elint avionics). The aircraft also features a distinctive black rounded nose, radome tail, as well as several protrusions along the fuselage housing various sensors.

Notably in the early 1930s, Kawasaki hired German aerospace engineer and designer Dr Richard Vogt (1923-1933) to work on designs and to train Japanese engineers. Among Vogt's pupils was Takeo Doi the future chief designer for Kawasaki. Vogt then went on to be the lead designer for Blohm and Voss.

Kawasaki's pre-World War II production aircraft were:

  1. Type 88 – reconnaissance biplane (1927)
  2. Type 92 – single-seat biplane fighter (1930)
  3. Ki-3 – single-engine biplane bomber (1933)
  4. Ki-10 – single-seat fighter biplane (1935)
  5. Ki-32 – single-engine monoplane bomber (1937)
  6. Ki-45 – twin-engine fighter (1939)
  7. Ki-48 – twin-engine light bomber (1939)
  8. Ki-56 – twin-engine light transport (1940)
  9. Ki-60 – single-engine experimental fighter (1941)
  10. Ki-61 – single-seat fighter (1941)
  11. Ki-96 – twin-engine experimental fighter (1941)
  12. Ki-100 radial-engine fighter (1944)
  13. Ki-102 – twin-engine fighter (1944)

In the post-war era, the company produced this aircraft under license from America for the Japan Air Self-Defense Force and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Forces. The company became part of Kawasaki Heavy Industries (KHI) in 1969.

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