Russia's S-400 Missile Is Considered NATO's Most Feared Weapon If World War III Happens, Why?

Russia's S-400 Missile Is Considered NATO's Most Feared Weapon If World War III Happens, Why?
Russia's S-400 Missile Is Considered NATO's Most Feared Weapon If World War III Happens

International Military - Russia's superiority in the field of weapons is what makes the United States half-heartedly defend Ukraine. Especially if World War III happens, of course Russia will deploy weapons that the US doesn't have.

The S-400 is the only system in the world that can shoot down hypersonic and cruise missiles. The West has been trying to create similar technology for years but has been unable to match it. Since its introduction in 2007, the S-400 Triumph air defense system (or NATO calls it Growler) has become the world's "heavyweight" air defense system.

The export version of the machine detects all surrounding air targets at a distance of up to 400 kilometers and shoots them down at a distance of 200 kilometers. It attacks both low-flying cruise missiles circling the landscape on their way to the target, and highly maneuverable fifth-generation fighters - the system will see everything, "catch" and shoot down at a safe distance from itself.

At the same time, in one S-400 division there are eight launchers with an ammunition load of 16 missiles for each vehicle (4 in installations + 12 in loading vehicles). Simply put, in a few salvos, air defense crews will be able to shoot down up to 128 fifth-generation aircraft, cruise and hypersonic missiles.

“The main difference between the S-400 and its competitors in the face of the American Patriot PAK 3 is precisely in its ability to work on all air targets. each on par with the previous generation of Russian S-300 air defense systems,” said Alexander Khramchikhin, S-300P reserve combat control officer and deputy director of the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, said RT China. According to him, Patriot only works on targets in a predetermined direction. at an angle of 180 degrees And the Russian S-400 "looks" 360 degrees.

In addition, it takes half an hour for the Patriot system crew to deploy their missile defense system on the ground. Simply put, this time is enough to destroy all targets and win the battle. At the same time, it takes less than five minutes for the S-400 crew to deploy the system to a ground combat position.

“The domestic version of the Patriot (all imports of air and missile defense systems to foreign markets come with lower characteristics compared to the domestic market) has a maximum range of 180 kilometers. It's even smaller than the export version of the S-400. Here, again, the domestic complex won, ”added Khramchikhin. 

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