The Greatness of the Russian MiG-31K Fighter Jet That is Difficult to Match

The Greatness of the Russian MiG-31K Fighter Jet That is Difficult to Match
The Greatness of the Russian MiG-31K Fighter Jet That is Difficult to Match

Moscow - Russia is known as a country with the largest military power in the world. It is known that Russia has advanced fighter jets, namely the MiG-31K. The MiG-31K fighter jet has a number of strengths. The following is a list of his prowess that is difficult to match.

1. Carrying Hypersonic Missiles

This Russian MiG-31 K fighter jet can carry hypersonic missiles, Kinzhal. It is known that the Kinzhal Missile was first introduced by Russian President Vladimir Putin in 2018. This missile, which has a speed of Mach 10, can overcome all air defense systems. The range of the Kinzhal missile can reach 2,000 kilometers and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead of up to 500 kilotons. In 2021, two MiG-31K fighter jets appeared on Syrian territory for the first time. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the fighter jets were deployed as part of preparations for joint military exercises.

2. Equipped with Air Refueling System

This twin-engine two-seat fighter jet is equipped with an air-to-air refueling system. The process of refueling the MiG-31K in the air will be monitored by officers.

3. Can Move Autonomously

The MiG-31K can reach speeds of up to 3,000 kilometers per hour. This fighter jet can then move autonomously and prepare to launch missiles without entering the enemy's air defense coverage area. Please note, the MiG-31 K is a derivative of the MiG-31. The MiG-31 itself has the following capabilities.

4. Dubbed Flying Radar

The MiG-31 has been dubbed the flying radar by some pilots. This is due to the unique avionics capabilities it has. The fighter jet has a barrier control system and is equipped with the world's first phased array antenna. The barrier system can detect 24 objects at a distance of 200 kilometers.

5. Can Intercept Any Target

The MiG-31 fighter jet can intercept any target at any speed. From stealthy cruise missiles to satellites, day or night, sunny or rainy. This fighter jet can control part of the air space by directing fighter jets to targets and ground-based anti-aircraft missiles.

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