The World's Most Deadly Bomber Tu-22M3 Enters the Line, Russian Troops Get Additional Strength

The World's Most Deadly Bomber Tu-22M3 Enters the Line, Russian Troops Get Additional Strength
The World's Most Deadly Bomber Tu-22M3 Enters the Line

Moscow - Russian President Vladimir Putin is showing no signs of slowing down his invasion of Ukraine after one of the world's deadliest bombers was delivered to his troops. Tu-22M3 bombers manufactured by the Tupolev Aircraft Company have been provided to the Russian Air Force for use in Ukraine.

Russian news agency TASS reported that it was initially thought the plane would not be built, but the country's procurement plans changed during the war and have now been delivered. “The Tupolev Aircraft Company has delivered its newest Tu-22M3 missile carrier bomber to the long-range aviation of the Russian Air Force for operation after repair under the defense procurement plan,” a company spokesperson said as quoted by the Daily Star, Wednesday (30/11/2022) .

The Tu-22M3 bombers delivered were older models which were repaired and upgraded for combat and 500 of them will be modified in total. According to reports, the Tu-22M3 has a top speed of Mach 2.05, and can carry multiple hypersonic missiles. Now the bomber also has a new navigation system, as well as a bomb delivery unit for greater accuracy.

News of the upgraded bombers comes as news emerged that Putin is trying to eat into the British people's hard-earned wallets with crisis living expenses as the war in Ukraine continues at colossal costs, a military expert said.

General Sir Richard Barrons, former Commander of the British Joint Forces Command, explained how one of Putin's main strategies centered on frustration in the West about paying military aid to Ukraine. Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, Sir Richard said that one of the key strategic elements of the Russian campaign was trying to drain the West's will, to keep sending money and people.

He explained that Russia wants to exploit the problems that occur in countries that support Ukraine, such as Britain, the United States (US), Italy and Germany. “Russia knows only too well that the cost of living crisis is biting, that people are getting cold… and trying to turn on heaters they can't afford,” This can see the shift in mood in Germany and in Italy, and in the US, where there is an element ( of the people there) who said 'when we feel the pinch why are we spending money on pointless things that never-end war? If the West turns off the faucet to Ukraine, Ukraine should - at best - hold on and hold on to its place," he said.

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