Specifications Of The Puma IFV, One Of Your German Best Infantry Combat Vehicles In The World

Specifications Of The Puma IFV, One Of Your German Best Infantry Combat Vehicles In The World
Specifications Of The Puma IFV, One Of Your German Best Infantry Combat Vehicles In The World

Berlin - Germany is a country known for producing the best war vehicles in the world. One of the best products is the German Puma IFV. The Infantry Fighting Vehicle or IFV is the newest combat vehicle made by Krauss Maffei Wegmann to replace the Marder 1 IFV, because it is already 30 years old. Puma is a type of IFV that has the most superior specifications among other combat vehicles.

The Puma IFV has a welded armored hull with additional modular armor. This vehicle since the year of production has three different protection level options, thus affecting the weight of the vehicle. The Puma IFV varies in weight starting from 29.4 to 43 Tons according to the protection used. The basic model of the puma IFV's front and side armor is immune to 30 mm like bullets.

Whereas puma IFV can thoroughly protect soldiers from 14.5 mm machine guns. From all forms of protection both on the front, sides and the entire puma IFV does not make puma IFV the heaviest type of IFV vehicle. Quoted from military today com, the Puma IFV is a medium-weight vehicle, because the German Lynx KF41 is the heaviest type of IFV and also the Armata heavy IFV.

Even though it is not a heavy vehicle, the German Puma IFV has the advantage of being immune to mines up to 10 Kg of TNT, besides that the Puma is also protected by an automatic threat warning system such as NBC protection and fire prevention. Besides having a strong hull that is resistant to all forms of threats, this vehicle is also armed with weapons that can be operated remotely.

The weapon embedded in the puma IFV is a Mauser 30 mm dual-fed cannon. The weapon can be operated effectively up to a range of up to 3 km. Puma is also equipped with a machine that is no less sophisticated. The Puma IFV has been equipped with an MTU MT 892 Ka-501 turbocharged diesel engine with a V10 configuration that can produce 1,090 horsepower.

Armed with this engine, puma IFV occupies a combat vehicle equipped with the most powerful engine to date. This is because the puma IFV managed to defeat the Russian T-90A main battle tank with a 1,000 Hp engine.

From some of the sophistication and innate engines that puma IFV, this vehicle can accommodate 8 infantrymen in the rear compartment and has three main crew members at the front. Until now puma IFV is still in the process of redevelopment, even puma IFV will be armed with ATGV launchers and 5.56 mm machine guns and 76 mm grenade launchers. With the addition of these weapons, it can be said that the German Puma IFV is a deadly vehicle.

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