Specifications of the BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Received by Ukraine from Slovakia

Specifications of the BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Received by Ukraine from Slovakia
Specifications of the BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle Received by Ukraine from Slovakia

International Military - Ukraine still has not been able to resolve its conflict with Russia. Since the Kremlin's invasion in February 2022, Kiev has tried to survive even though it has lost a lot of its military weapons. In this case, Ukraine itself is trying to get additional weapons from other countries that are willing to help them.

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Most recently, Slovakia became one of those who provided a number of military equipment. Quoted from the Ukrineform page, some time ago the Slovak Minister of Defense confirmed the donation of 30 BMP-1 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine. Investigate a calibaration, this is done based on an agreement with Germany related to military weapons.

What Is the BMP-1 Infantry Fighting Vehicle?

Quoted from Global Security, Thursday (1/12/2022), the BMP-1 or Bronevaya Maschina Piekhota is Soviet military equipment that was first designed in the 1960s. The first general appearance occurred in November 1967.

NATO calls this weapon the M-1967 or BMP. In this case, they believe the BMP brings about a change from an armored troop transport vehicle to an infantry fighting vehicle. Not just armored, the developer of the BMP-1 has embedded high mobility and a proven anti-tank weapon.

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In addition, they also have a larger size than Western APCs and have a longer range of fire. Then, weighing about 14 tons, they feature 33 mm thick armor and a 73 mm semi-automatic gun and 7.62 mm machine gun. Apart from that, there is also another weapon in the form of a 73MM M2A28 with a Sagger missile on it. With a crew capacity of between 3-8 people, this combat vehicle is intended to accompany tanks when carrying out attacks.

Furthermore, the Soviet Union also designed the BMP-1 to protect combatants from chemical weapons, nuclear radiation, and others. During its development, the BMP-1 has been produced and exported to many countries. This infantry fighting vehicle has appeared in various battles such as the Yom Kippur War (1973), the Syrian Civil War, and was used by Afghanistan against the Taliban. Most recently, Ukraine is said to have received a number of BMP-1 units from Slovakia based on a military agreement with Germany.

BMP-1 Infantry Combat Vehicle Specifications:

  • Country of Manufacture: Soviet Union
  • Service: Since 1966
  • Crew: 3-8 personnel
  • Vehicle Weight: 14 tons
  • Vehicle Length: 6.74 m
  • Vehicle Width: 2.95 m
  • Vehicle Height: 2.15 m
  • Vehicle Engine: Diesel UTD-20
  • Power: 300 hp
  • Maximum Speed: 65 km/h
  • Range: 600 km
  • Armament:

    1. Main Weapon: 73 mm Semi-Automatic Gun
    2. Machine Guns: 1x 62 mm
    3. ATGW: Launcher ATGM 9K11 Malyutka

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