Specifications of the Tupelov Tu-160M2, Russia's Newest Bomber With Terrible Power

Specifications of the Tupelov Tu-160M2, Russia's Newest Bomber With Terrible Power
Specifications of the Tupelov Tu-160M2, Russia's Newest Bomber With Terrible Power

International Military - Russia is known as one of the most advanced countries with its latest inventions and innovations. In the military field itself, this country has just developed a bomber called the Tu-160M2. This aircraft is known to be armed with 40 tons of missiles and a nuclear deterrent.

This Russian aircraft made its first flight in January 2022 after a long time of development and modernization. According to Russia Beyond, the plane flew for about 30 minutes at an altitude of 600 meters. This aircraft is one of 10 Tu-160M2 units that are prepared to be used by the Russian army in 2027. Later this bomber will replace its predecessor which is considered obsolete.

In addition, the Tu-160M2 is also part of the 'nuclear triad' along with atomic submarines and intercontinental ballistic missiles. Read also; 3 Russian Bombers The World Fears Please note that the Tu-160M2 is different from the Tu-160M. This aircraft was built from scratch, while the Tu-160M ​​is an updated version of the Tu-160.

The Russian Tupelov Tu-160M2 Bomber
The Russian Tupelov Tu-160M2 Bomber

This Russian bomber has the nickname 'White Swan' because of its appearance. In addition, this aircraft is also referred to as the reincarnation of the Soviet Union's most powerful bomber, the Tu-160. Over the past few decades, the Kremlin has followed a strategy of aircraft modernization by preserving its distinctive Soviet design and functionality while integrating new internal components.

In line with this, the Tu-160M2 is following modernization by retaining the BlackJack wing design while introducing new engines and weapons and avionics upgrades. In addition, the Tu-160M2 also gets the same on-board communications suite as the Russian Su-57 fifth-generation fighter.

Its advantages are fast information transmission, relatively small weight, and energy efficiency. In terms of armament, in addition to the Kh-55MS, Kh-555 missiles, this aircraft also carries the latest generation of long-range cruise missiles.

These are the specifications of the Russian Tu-160M2 bomber.

Design : OKB Tupolev

Country : Russia

Type : Strategic Bomber

Crew : 4 People

Power Plant: Four NK-32 bypass engines

Length: 54.10 m

Height : 13.10 m

Empty Weight : 110,000 kg

Normal Takeoff Weight: 267,600 kg

Maximum Takeoff Weight : 275,000 kg.

Maximum Speed: 2,200 km/hour

Cruising Speed: 850 km / hour

Combat radius: 6,000-15,000 km

Armament Possession : Warload = 22,500 kg (normal) & 40,000 kg (maximum) 2 Kh-55 and Kh-55L Cruise Missile Drums (X 55 or X 55M / SM (X-555 or X-101), with 12 x Kh -15 equipped with nuclear and HE warheads.

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