Specifications of Hermes 450 UAV, Russian Drone Purchased From Israel

Specifications of Hermes 450 UAV, Russian Drone Purchased From Israel
Specifications of Hermes 450 UAV, Russian Drone Purchased From Israel

International Military - Russia is known to have good relations with several Middle Eastern countries. One of them is Israel. It is known that some time ago Russia had bought several drones from Israel.

Quoted from france24.com in 2009 it was said that Moscow agreed to buy Israeli drones. Russia has also signed a contract related to the purchase which is the first purchase of the Iron Curtain from the Jewish State.

Although the Russian side did not disclose to which company and what type it was purchased, there are several reports which identify that they are buying from Israel Aerospace Industries. It is known that the deal was valued at USD 50 million or around 37 million Euros.

The aim of this purchase is so that Russian manufacturers can also make the same thing, said Russian Deputy Defense Minister Vladimir Popovkin at the time. Israel is indeed known as a fairly reliable drone maker in Asia. Even several countries other than Russia are also interested in this drone. Call it Turkey, Azerbaijan, to several countries in Southeast Asia.

Quoted from drones.rusi.org, in 2017 Israel is estimated to have accounted for more than 60% of international drone exports over three decades. Israel is also a major innovator of anti-drone systems. Israel itself currently has 3 superior drones, namely the Heron TP UAV, Hermes 900 UAV, and Hermes 450 UAV. Meanwhile, what was purchased by Russia is known to be the Heron TP UAV.

Because that's the drone made by Israel Aerospace Industries while the other two were developed by Elbit Systems. The Heron TP UAV is known to have been developed by Israel Aerospace Industries. This unmanned aircraft can fly at sedan altitude and also has a range of 1,000 km.

This unmanned aircraft can last up to more than 30 hours with full fuel, and weighs 5,670 kg. Of the three drones, the Heron TP UAV is known to be the most capable because it has been equipped with electronic intelligence (ELINT) while the other two are not. In terms of weaponry, this drone is also possible to transport Rafael Spike anti-tank missiles or other weapons.

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