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Japan Ready to Use Hypersonic Missiles by 2030
Japan Ready to Use Hypersonic Missiles by 2030

Tokyo - Japan's Ministry of Defense is considering the use of hypersonic missiles by 2030, to increase security by intensifying its counter-attack capabilities. Nikkei reported that the ministry is actively strengthening countermeasures, following Russia's invasion of Ukraine that changed the global security environment and a series of North Korean missile launches and Chinese military moves that threatened Japan.

He said hypersonic missiles can fly at least five times faster than the speed of sound and on complex trajectories, which are difficult to intercept. Japan plans to revise its national security strategy and other important defense documents by the end of the year. Nikkei reported that the country's position on counter-attack and hypersonic missile capabilities can be stated in the document.

The report mentions that one idea is that Japan could deploy long-range missiles in three countries by acquiring the US-made Tomahawk, the first step to increasing its counter-attack capabilities. Japan could also upgrade the Type 12 surface-to-ship missile for the second stage, extending its range to more than 1,000 kilometers, up from less than 200 kilometers now.

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