After Using Shahed-136, Will Arash-2 Drone Become A New Air Threat For Ukraine?

After Using Shahed-136, Will Arash-2 Drone Become A New Air Threat For Ukraine?
Will Arash-2 Drone Become A New Air Threat For Ukraine

Kyiv - The Ukrainian Armed Forces believe that Iran can provide Russia with a new arash-2 kamikaze drone that is more powerful than the Shahed-136 that Moscow forces have already used against Kyiv. Based on preliminary data collected, the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine claims that Iran may have plans to provide the Kamikazeke Arash-2 drone to Russia.

Regarding its performance, Arash-2 is not known with certainty due to the lack of available information. But experts claim that the drones operate similarly to cruise missiles but at a slower speed. With a larger warhead and a range of up to 2,000 km, Arash-2 is considered to be much more powerful than Geran-2 (Shahed-136).

The Arash-2 can maneuver, change course, and fly at low altitude, which presents a challenge for opposing air defense systems to take it down. Ukrainian military specialists commented on Russia's use of suicide drones, saying that Moscow used cheap weaponry to inflict significant losses on the Kyiv side.

Compared to complex cruise missiles like Kalibr, kamikaze drones have a very simple operating system. The price per unit is also much cheaper. Cruise missiles can reach 1 million dollars, while kamikaze drones are 10-50 thousand USD per unit.

On the other hand, Ukraine considers shooting down a kamikaze drone with an air defense missile system or missiles from its fighter jets very uneconomical.

Confronting a kamikazeke drone would ideally use an anti-aircraft gun. Former US Central Command (CENTCOM) commander General Kenneth MacKenzie acknowledged the efficiency of the suicide drone. “Theoretically, suicide drones can bypass air defense systems if you launch them in large numbers. They fly at low altitudes and are very cheap to manufacture.” said Kenneth MacKenzie.

IISS Director of Strategy, Technology and Arms Control William Alberque told The EurAsian Times that the threat posed by low-cost suicide drones is complex. In order to hurt Ukraine as much as possible, Russia could deploy a suicide drone strike, he said.

Previously, Russian troops have stepped up their strikes with the use of Geran-2 suicide drones over the past two weeks. The Geran-2 is allegedly a Kamikazeke Shahed-136 drone purchased from Iran and repainted by Russia, according to the West and Ukraine. Both Moscow and Tehran have denied the accusations. Russia asserted that it was capable of producing its own kamikaze drones during the conflict with Ukraine.

The use of Geran-2 was considered very successful. These drones were used to paralyze military, electricity and communications infrastructure across the territory of Ukraine. Shahed-136 became a scourge of air for Ukrainian troops. Officials in Kyiv claim that in less than ten days, Russian forces have destroyed 30-40 percent of Ukraine's power plants.

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