US Makes Loitering Munitions Military Vehicles, Missile Launchers That Operate Like Drones

US Makes Loitering Munitions Military Vehicles, Missile Launchers That Operate Like Drones
US Makes Loitering Munitions Military Vehicles

International Military - Two United States military companies Flyer Defense and AM General make military vehicles called Loitering Munitions which literally means roaming ammunition. This military vehicle is capable of launching drone-shaped missiles that can roam around an area before hitting the target.

The idea of ​​making a Loitering Munition military vehicle is very interesting, to balance the dominance of combat drones and also to disable the kamikaze drones. So this war machine is not only capable of destroying enemy targets, but also to neutralize the opponent's combat drone attacks.

Flyer Defense makes the Loitering Munition military vehicle known as the F72-U Hero-120. Flyer Defense mounts a Loitering Munition behind the F-72 military vehicle. Meanwhile, AM General produces the HUMVEE Saber Blade which features a Loitering Munition at the rear of the HUMVEE vehicle.

The US Loitering Munitions Military Vehicles Missile Launchers
The US Loitering Munitions Military Vehicles Missile Launchers

The two Loitering Munition military vehicles are displayed at a military exhibition held by the United States Army Association in Washington DC every October. The F72-U Hero-120 is built with the ability to fire the Hero-120 Loitering Munition.

This winged missile, made by Mistral and UVision, has a range of at least 25 miles (40.23 km) and can carry a 10-pound (4.5 kg) warhead. The Hero-120 can also fly for up to 60 minutes, powered by an onboard electric motor. It is also possible to abort a missile strike mission after launch, if the situation changes or the target is no longer relevant.

This is one of the important differences between Loitering Munitions and irrevocable missiles. The military vehicle made by Flyer is capable of carrying 10 weapons, with a composition of four ready to be launched and six stored.

The US Loitering Munitions Military Vehicles
The US Loitering Munitions Military Vehicles 

The Marine Corps has selected the Hero-120 as the roaming ammunition to pair with the Organic Precision Fires-Mounted requirements. The aim of the program is to arm the vehicles used by the marines, as well as expand the range of destroying targets. Meanwhile, AM General, with a similar template, produces the HUMVEE Saber Blade. The Saber Blade military vehicle is also equipped with a remote-controlled weapon station and counter-drone system, made by the Hornet. This includes airburst ammunition and special sensors to detect drones.

“The current conflict has demonstrated the growing importance of drones, whether for targeting vehicles or for reconnaissance missions. Being able to detect and defeat such threats while maintaining the vehicle's primary protective capacity is a key capability for Remote Control Weapon Stations," said Jean Boy, managing director of the Hornet.

In an emergency, both Flyer Defense and AM General's Loitering Munition military vehicles demonstrated the ability to use roaming ammunition in the same way a HIMAR fires a rocket. The vehicle-mounted launcher provides flexibility to advance and fire, as well as mobility to move from place to place after launch.

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