Su-35 Fighter Fighter Is The Pioneer Of IRST, Radar Which Capable of Detecting Stealth Fighters

Su-35 Fighter Fighter Is The Pioneer Of IRST, Radar Which Capable of Detecting Stealth Fighters
Su-35 Fighter Fighter Is The Pioneer Of IRST

International Military - The Sukhoi Su-35 fighter has an infrared tracker which was pioneered by the Soviet Union in the 1980s. The Soviet Union pioneered the use of the system when it introduced the MiG-29 and Su-27. As a derivative of the Su-27, the Su-35 can then inherit this capability and enhance it significantly.

Quoted from Military Watch Magazine, since entering service in 2014, the Russian Su-35 has earned a reputation as a '4++ generation' fighter. This title is well optimized to engage fifth-generation stealth aircraft. Where its sensor capabilities have been widely highlighted. It also includes the Irbis-E radar, which can reportedly track very low stealth targets up to 90 km away.

Then, there is also a twin AESA radar at the root of the wing that operates in the X band where stealth is less effective. The lower profile and less widely discussed fourth sensor that could potentially prove decisive is the OLS-35 infrared search and tracking system (IRST).

In this case, the infrared search and tracking system can actually detect stealth aircraft easily. This is because the jet has the ability to maintain situational awareness without using any radar and thus operate without a radar signature.

It is also very useful for stealth fighters, but also has several uses for fourth-generation aircraft such as the Su-35. The IRST is also not as susceptible to jamming as radar is.

IRSTs can be well optimized for tracking stealth targets which, although they have reduced heat signature, can reduce this less drastically than their radar signature. The combination of the Su-35 and the IRST then makes the aircraft have a fairly strong capability.

Quoted from The Aviation Geek Club, the Su-35 design incorporates the most successful engineering concepts previously well tested on the Su-27/Su-30 family of aircraft.

According to the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), the Su-35 combines the qualities of a modern fighter. This includes super maneuverability, superior active and passive acquisition aids, high supersonic speed and long range, ability to manage group battle actions, etc.

It is also a good tactical aircraft (various weapons it can carry, modern multi-channel electronic warfare system, reduced radar signature and high combat survivability).

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