Specifications of the AK-12, Russia's New Assault Rifle Claimed More Deadly Than AK-47

Specifications of the AK-12, Russia's New Assault Rifle Claimed More Deadly Than AK-47
Specifications of the Russia's New Assault Rifle AK-12

International Military - Russia is known as one of the countries with a capable military strength. Not only from the strength of the army, they also have a lot of sophisticated weaponry with terrible abilities. Of the many of them, one of Russia's new weapons that is quite interesting is the AK-12.

After its appearance, some observers even called this rifle superior when compared to the AK-47. Quoted from the Russia Beyond page, the AK-12 prototype has actually been introduced since 2012. However, the prototype version is very different from what the Russian army is holding now. In its continuation, the Russian army was only given this latest generation of assault rifles around 2018.

The AK-12 is a further developed version of the AK-47 rifle. In its design, this weapon is made to be able to adapt to extreme climatic conditions such as blizzards to sandstorms though. As a successor to its predecessor, the AK-12 has gained a number of additional features that are urgently needed by the types of assault rifles of the future. Among them is the installation of a picatinny rail that allows users to install any aiming tool on this weapon.

The goal itself is so that the shooter can see the target clearly and minimize mistakes when shooting. Then, the AK-12 is also equipped with a telescopic butt that can be used by the user to adjust the weapon with various features and equipment in the combat zone. Not only that, this assault rifle also gets a new optimized grip, making it easier to grip.

Russia's New Assault Rifle AK-12

In addition, there is also a Muzzle Brake which allows shooters to hide themselves when operating at night fighting. Of the many features added, the AK-12 is one of the most capable assault rifles for the general army. However, this Russian weapon also did not escape the criticism that emerged. Because of its use and relatively complicated mechanism, many also say that this rifle cannot compete with NATO weapons such as the FN SCAR or AR-15.

Andrey Alekseev, a special forces instructor once said that the rifles owned by NATO are indeed more expensive, but at least they can make soldiers more efficient in carrying out missions in various circumstances.

Here are the specifications of the AK-12 assault rifle:

  • Name : Kalashnikov AK-12
  • Developer : Russia
  • Type : Assault Rifle
  • Length : 945 mm
  • Weight: 3.3 kg
  • Barrel Length: 415 mm
  • Magazine : 30 bullets
  • Rate of Fire : 600-1,000 rds/minute
  • Range : -500-600m (effective) -800m (max)
  • Ammunition : -5.45x39mm Russia -5.56x45mm NATO

Thus a review of the specifications of the AK-12, a new Russian weapon that is claimed to be more terrifying than the AK-47.

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