Sending Weapons to Ukraine, Does the United States Dare to War with Russia?

Sending Weapons to Ukraine, Does the United States Dare to War with Russia?

International Military - Russia is known as one of the countries with a capable military strength. They have quite a lot of sophisticated and deadly weaponry that can be used for war. In fact, the Kremlin is also said to have nuclear weapons. Looking back a little, Russia has grown into one of the great powers in the world.

In its history, the country led by Vladimir Putin has also often disagreed or taken actions that invited criticism from the international community. Most recently, they launched an invasion of Ukraine since February 2022. In this case, Russia has indeed been exposed to a series of sanctions from the international community, including those from one of its rivals, namely the United States.

As with other countries, the US clearly condemns the actions of Russia which invaded Ukraine. However, they were reluctant to contribute in the form of troop assistance against Moscow.

In this case, the US just doesn't want to add to the scope of the conflict. Because it is possible, if they do military intervention, it will expand the size of the ongoing war. So, does America actually dare to go to war with Russia?

So far, the United States has maintained its status not to provoke Russia. Quoted from The New Yorker page, even in a request for military assistance from Ukraine, the US refused it because it was worried about the Kremlin's reaction. However, instead of saying they were afraid of war, they said that US involvement would be high risk.

Foreign Minister Antony Blinken also said that the goal was to end the war, not to expand it, including into NATO territory. This seems to be quite related to the threats that Putin has made. Moscow says it will consider starting a nuclear war if Russia's territory or presence is disturbed.

In addition to fear of nuclear use, the US also has a number of other problems in its defense sector. Quoted from the Heritage page, the current state of the American military is said to be quite worrying. It's not that the soldiers are less skilled, but that most of the military equipment is old and lacking in numbers.

Some of the equipment he bought in the 1980-1990s. This seems quite dangerous if the US faces a significant threat in the near future. While its competitors are competing to invest and have a variety of new cutting-edge combat equipment.

Of these reasons, the United States is actually not afraid to go to war with Russia. They have trained soldiers and lots of military weapons. However, it is likely that they will think of other ways than starting a war that threatens the country and the survival of its citizens.

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