Russia Deploys Su-35 with FAB-250 Bombs Soviet-era to Attack Ukraine's Military

Russia Deploys Su-35 with FAB-250 Bombs Soviet-era to Attack Ukraine's Military
Russia Deploys Su-35 with FAB-250 Bombs Soviet-era to Attack Ukraine's Military

Moscow - Talking about the Sukhoi Su-35, of course, cannot be separated from the combat capabilities of this Russian jet. The Su-35 fighter jet itself is used by Russia in attacking Ukraine. Because he is able to steal various types of missiles.

Of course, the use of the Su-35 shows that the Russian fighter jet has extraordinary capabilities. And recently, The Eurasian Times reported that Russia had run out of ammunition in attacking Ukraine. Evidenced by the use of old Soviet-era bombs in Russia's efforts to attack Ukraine.

The Russian Su-35 seized FAB-250 bombs to attack Ukrainian troops. In the video footage, Ukrainian troops appear to be on patrol when the super-maneuverable Flanker suddenly appears, flies at a very low altitude, and drops three bombs which explode within the next few seconds.

Meanwhile, a Ukrainian soldier tries to bring down a Russian jet by firing an anti-aircraft missile from MANPADS. However, the missile did not appear to have reached the fighter jet, and the plane disappeared from the sky.

Russia Deploys Su-35 with FAB-250 Bombs Soviet-era
Russia Deploys Su-35 with FAB-250 Bombs Soviet-era

Reports indicate the ammunition dropped by the fighter jet was an FAB-250 aerial bomb based on the intensity of the explosion." explained The Eurasian Times, October 27, 2022. The use of Soviet-era bombs indicates that Russia has run out of ammunition in the battle against Ukraine.

“The severe depletion of Russia's supply of precision-guided munitions has prompted the Russian military to rely heavily on unguided bombs. Ukrainian intelligence believes Russia has fired 55% of its entire missile stockpile.” he added.

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, prior to the start of Russian Military Operations on February 24, Russia had 900 Iskander-M missiles, 500 Caliber missiles and 440 KH-101 missiles.

After eight months of operation, the missile stockpile is estimated to have been reduced to around 100 Iskanders and a little over 200 calibers and KH-101 missiles respectively.

The dire state of this precision-guided capability has forced the Russian Air Force (VKS) to use its state-of-the-art 4.5 generation fighter jets in a very old-fashioned way. Because fly it within range of MANPADS to attack ground targets with ancient bombs.

Military analyst Vijender K Thakur highlighted that Russia tends to favor affordability over capability in its weapons systems. This is because affordable weapons systems increase Russia's capacity to absorb losses when fighting a protracted conflict against an adversary like Ukraine who has received an endless supply of equipment and ammunition from the West.

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