Other Capabilities of Russia's S-300V4 Defense System After Breaking World Record Missile Attack Range

Other Capabilities of Russia's S-300V4 Defense System After Breaking World Record Missile Attack Range
Other Capabilities of Russia's S-300V4 Defense System

Moscow - Russia has a missile-based air defense system named S-300V4. The S-300V4 itself has been widely discussed in the public lately because it is alleged to have broken records in terms of striking distance.

According to Defense View, the Russian S-300V4 managed to destroy the Ukrainian Su-27 and MiG-29 fighter jets. The missile managed to hit the target at an extreme distance of 217 kilometers. This distance is called the farthest in the world of missile defense attacks.

Because previously, the record was held by a defense system called the S-400. A system also used by Russia that destroyed Ukrainian fighter jets in March.

Since October, Russia has frequently launched missile and drone attacks. Russia deployed these S-300V4s in Belgorod, after learning that Ukraine launched its fighter jets.

The S-300V4 itself is the closest model to the more modern S-400 defense systems. Since the beginning of the war, Russia has used the S-300 in various models. In addition to long-range attacks, the S-300V4 system is also loaded with other high capabilities.

Mentioned Top War, missiles from this system capable of knocking out SRBM missiles. SRBM or short-range ballistic missile is a short-range ballistic missile. Missiles with a range of up to 1,000 kilometers with a conventional warhead.

As an illustration, North Korea has repeatedly tested SRBM ballistic missiles. Reported by The Diplomat, they released two SRBM off its east coast on Sunday, October 9 yesterday. The missile flies as far as 350 kilometers with an altitude of 90 kilometers. And this deadly missile is capable of being stopped by the S-300V4.

In addition to missiles, the S-300V4 is also capable of targeting sea skimming, or low-flying targets. Therefore, in addition to being able to deal with ballistic missiles, fighter jets, the S-300V4 can also destroy helicopters and drones. The S-300V4 is designed with a tracked drive system. That is, he is capable of carrying 4 missiles at once in the launch tube.

Still mentioned Top War, with only these 4 missiles, the S-300V4 is able to attack 25 targets at once. With that, the S-300V4 is called one of the most capable air defense systems. This kind of air defense system can also interoperate with other missile systems, such as short to medium range missiles.

Therefore, the S-300V4 can be integrated with other defense systems. Russia's success in executing Ukrainian fighter jets in a high attack radius proves Russia's defense capabilities are still frightening.

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