Latest Wave, Russia Sends 8 Units of its Best T-90 Tanks to Ukraine

Latest Wave, Russia Sends 8 Units of its Best T-90 Tanks to Ukraine
Latest Wave, Russia Sends 8 Units of its Best T-90 Tanks to Ukraine

Moscow - It seems that Russia continues to send its best tanks to the Ukrainian battlefield, albeit in smaller numbers. A train series carrying eight T-90 tanks en route to Ukraine is seen at Samara station in southeastern Europe. It is noteworthy that the new batch consisted of eight T-90 main battle tanks, without modifications. All tanks are delivered without being equipped with reactive armor or additional weaponry. This contrasts with the main T-90 tanks which have been supplemented and delivered to Ukraine.

The video recording the train carrying eight T-90 tanks is thought to be only 24 hours ago. This contrasts with the visit of Dmitry Medvedev, leader of the United Russia party and former President and Prime Minister, to Uralvagonzavod in Nizhny Tagil. Mr Medvedev was at Russia's largest tank factory on the orders of Mr Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, to inspect the progress of tank production.

Medvedev used his Telegram channel to inform the public about the visit. At the end of his message, he indirectly addressed Western countries, assuring them that Russia would not run out of weapons. “Reading the analysis of the enemy, I have repeatedly come across claims that the military equipment and weapons needed in Russia will soon run out. It was as if they had wasted everything. Do not expect too much.

Production of special weapons and equipment is multiplying in every direction: from tanks and cannons to precision missiles and drones. Wait!" wrote Medvedev quoted from Bulgarian Military, Tuesday (10/25/2022). Despite Medvedev's claims, the delivery of eight tanks cannot be described as "an inexhaustible supply of weapons". Uralvagonzavod may be operating at total production capacity, but tanks produced from the production line are not in large quantities.

Was Moscow's decision to modernize 800 T-62 tanks the result of slow production of the T-90? This is very possible. Russia still needs weapons, and it's quicker to modify old ones than to build new ones. The last time a new T-90 tank left Uralvagonzavod was in September, just over a month ago. One part of the T-90 tanks went to Ukraine to replenish the tank brigades participating in the battle, and the other was sent to the divisions of the Western Military District.

It was mentioned a few days ago that Russia is using India's newly modernized T-90 Bhisma tank. From various Indian signals, as well as half-hearted statements from Indian politicians, it seems that Moscow has not asked New Delhi's permission to use the tank in the war in Ukraine.

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