J-20 Mighty Dragon Fighter Repels Foreign Aircraft Flying in China's Territories

J-20 Mighty Dragon Fighter Repels Foreign Aircraft Flying in China's Territories
J-20 Mighty Dragon Fighter Repels Foreign Aircraft Flying in China's Territories

International Military - The Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force J-20 stealth fighter recently carried out a series of combat patrols over the East China Sea. In the process, the J-20 fighter jets repelled foreign aircraft flying close to China's territorial airspace.

Experts said Thursday that with advanced warplanes such as the J-20 and others, China is well equipped to deal with foreign military close reconnaissance provocations. Flying a J-20 fighter, pilots belonging to the Wang Hai Air Group recently carried out a combat patrol in the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone, China Central Television (CCTV) reported.

According to the Global Times, during the mission, the J-20 appeared to be repelling foreign aircraft that were approaching Chinese airspace when a pilot sent an alert via radio communication. China announced the establishment of the East China Sea Air Defense Identification Zone on November 23, 2013, which was also the first day the PLA Air Force conducted its first combat patrol.

Over the past 10 years, the J-20 has flown in the East China Sea, South China Sea and the Taiwan Strait, with more aircraft of this type deployed across the country. The mass production and widespread deployment of the J-20 will allow the PLA Air Force to better safeguard China's sovereignty, territorial integrity and development interests, a Beijing-based military expert who requested anonymity told the Global Times.

Foreign warplanes and warships, especially those from the US, have frequently conducted close reconnaissance operations and provocative military exercises on China's doorstep. And by deploying advanced J-20s on combat patrol missions, the PLA Air Force will not only effectively identify, track and monitor such potential threats, but also pose a powerful deterrent and repel them when necessary, the expert said.

Fu Qianshao, an expert on Chinese military aviation, told the Global Times that China has complete systems and protocols in place to counter foreign reconnaissance and provocation. This includes not only fighter jets such as the J-20, but also early warning systems such as the KJ-500 early warning aircraft. On China's doorstep, such a combination has an edge even against foreign stealth fighters, Fu said.

On the other hand, China has acquired more J-20 stealth fighters. The reason is, China will expand its military budget by 7.2% per year over the next five years.

Quoted from Air Force Technology, the modernization plan includes the procurement of the fifth generation J-20 Chengdu (Mighty Dragon) aircraft to provide critical air support. Work is still ongoing on the Shenyang J-31 program, another indigenous fifth-generation fighter following the J-20. “China is in the process of acquiring advanced military technology and platforms. The J-20 Mighty Dragon jet is the most significant production of Chinese military technology, which has grown rapidly over the past decade," said Sharma.

The J-20 is capable of carrying six missiles, including four medium or long-range air-to-air missiles in its main bay and one smaller short-range missile in each of its two side bays. The wings also hold four hardpoints which have been used to carry external fuel canisters during peacetime operations.

The load-out is suitable for long-range combat, matches the J-20's stealth capabilities, and without internal cannons is impossible to use in short-range combat.

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