China's Navy Aircraft Carrier To Be Reinforced With Super Deadly Hypersonic Missiles

China's Navy Aircraft Carrier To Be Reinforced With Super Deadly Hypersonic Missiles
China's Navy Aircraft Carrier To Be Reinforced With Super Deadly Hypersonic Missiles

Beijing - The Chinese Navy is one of the militaries that uses aircraft carriers. The existence of the aircraft carrier shows that the strength of the Chinese Navy cannot be taken lightly. Especially now that China is claimed to be the most formidable fighting force in Asia.

As the US' sworn enemy, it is not surprising that China continues to strengthen itself with various weapons. Many advanced warships are strengthening the Chinese Navy. Increasing military power is a big target for China. Considering that the US is often seen as interfering in matters that China claims are domestic problems with Taiwan.

China considers Taiwan to be part of mainland China. US involvement infuriated China. So they continue to increase their military strength. And hypersonic weapons are one of China's main weapon systems.

Hypersonic itself is a new generation weapon system that combines advanced technology. It is also known as a future battlefield weapon. This weapon is known for its extremely fast speed which greatly reduces the response time of the enemy.

Hypersonic weapons are missiles and projectiles that travel at speeds between 5 and 25 times the speed of sound or about 1 to 5 miles per second (1.6 to 8 kilometers per second). Currently, almost all of the world's major military powers are busy designing and developing hypersonic weapons, including China.

China is one of the few countries in the world that has developed multiple hypersonic weapons systems. China's hypersonic weapons are both in the form of ballistic missiles and glide vehicles.

Quoted from defense view, China also added a lot of efforts to modernize its armed forces, especially the Chinese Navy. So now, they have decided to deploy a hypersonic type of air-launched weapon on their carrier.

“This new type of advanced warfare missile has not been disclosed to the public, but it is assumed that it is a missile comparable to Russia's Kinzhal. If China succeeds in deploying hypersonic missiles on their carriers, then China will be the first country in the world to do so, plus the deployment of these advanced weapons systems will greatly increase the carrier's offensive or strike power." clear source, October 13, 2022.

Chinese Navy aircraft carriers will clearly pose a major threat to US aircraft carriers. Researchers from the Chinese Navy are quoted from Defense View as saying Chinese aircraft carriers will be able to use hypersonic weapons thanks to breakthroughs in logistics technology.

This will simplify and speed up repair and maintenance of weapons. These weapons are designed to be launched from aircraft, not aircraft carriers. They can pursue a variety of high-value targets in the air or on the surface and can be used as anti-satellite weapons.

To date, there have been no reports of hypersonic technology being used on aircraft carriers. Xiao and his colleagues say their innovation for rapid repair and service of hypersonic weapons has passed rigorous field tests conducted by the military in aircraft carrier environments and other challenging combat settings.

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