China's 3 Frightening Military Robots, Equipped with Night Vision and Deadly Missile

China's 3 Frightening Military Robots, Equipped with Night Vision and Deadly Missile
China's 3 Frightening Military Robots, Equipped with Night Vision and Deadly Missile

Beijing - There are three scary Chinese military robots. As one of the countries that is experiencing economic and military development, it is not surprising that China creates sophisticated military robots. Currently the Bamboo Curtain Country is in tight competition regarding weapons with western countries, especially the United States. To that end, China made two military robots that have been exposed to show the superiority of their country.

These two robots, armed with sophisticated and deadly machines, began to make western countries quite surprised and began to view China as a serious threat besides Russia. Here are two scary Chinese military robots:

1. Four-legged Bionic Robot

Quoted from, China has developed the world's largest electric-powered four-legged bionic robot. The robot is expected to assist in logistics delivery and reconnaissance missions in combat zones. This robot walks on four legs, when viewed from its size and weight, it can be said that this is the largest robot ever created by the Panda Country. The height itself is almost the same as the height of an adult and can carry a load of 160 kg.

Although relatively large, this robot has a speed of up to 10 km per hour. Thanks to 12 sets of combined modules, the robot can move forward and backward, turn, walk diagonally, run fast, run and jump steadily. The four-legged bionic robot can be deployed to deliver supplies including ammunition and food in environments such as highlands, mountains, deserts and forests. If needed, the robots can also be equipped with weapons and carry out armed reconnaissance missions, such as aerial drones.

2. Dog Robot

A video footage shows a drone carrying a fully armed Chinese-made robot dog. The one-minute-long video was originally posted yesterday to Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site, by a user affiliated with or representing a local defense company that is reportedly developing drones used to transport robodogs.

Quoted from, one aspect that is very difficult to ignore is the machine gun that equips the robodog. While there is no mention of a specific type of weapon in the video description, its general appearance is largely reminiscent of China's QBB-97 submachine gun. It remains unclear how this Chinese robodog operated in combat. But it is not impossible if later this robot will be used in war.

3. War Robots

According to, the Chinese Army is preparing to deploy small, new war robots armed with machine guns, night vision, missile loaders and camera sensors to carry out attacks while leaving manned systems at safer distances. This robot will be controlled by humans. However, it is still unclear about the control range of this robot.

As for the height itself around the thigh of an adult. The robot, which is currently under development, will rival the US military's technology that has created combat robots, from remotely operated sensors and IED detonators to small, semi-autonomous unmanned systems.

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