China Finds Way to Use Hypersonic Missiles on Carriers

China Finds Way to Use Hypersonic Missiles on Carriers
China Finds Way to Use Hypersonic Missiles on Carriers

Beijing - Chinese scientists have reportedly made a breakthrough in logistics technology, which will allow the national army's aircraft carrier to deploy hypersonic missiles. This was reported by the South China Morning Post (SCMP) citing researchers. "This new technology simplifies and speeds up repair and maintenance of hypersonic weapons," said Xiao Jun, a researcher at the China Airborne Missile Academy.

According to the SCMP, China's hypersonic weapon, which has not yet been shown to the public, resembles the Russian Kinzhal (Dagger) hypersonic missile, and can hit a variety of high-value targets in the air and on the surface.

In addition, hypersonic weapons can be used as anti-satellite weapons. The hypersonic missile will expand the combat range of China's carrier fleet to more than 2,500 kilometers with an ultra-fast air strike that can penetrate most air defense systems.

Usually this type of weapon is more difficult to maintain or repair than conventional missiles, especially at sea. "To date, there have been no reports of the use of hypersonic technology on aircraft carriers," the report said. Xiao Jun and his colleagues say that the innovation for the rapid repair and maintenance of hypersonic weapons has passed serious field tests.

This technology, which is not yet available in other countries, can be applied to a large number of air missile equipment widely used in inland military bases, coastal airports and aircraft carriers on the high seas. "The innovations of Chinese scientists will help extend the life of hypersonic weapons, which are required to last at least 10 years," the news outlet reported.

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