China Deploys Scorpion Drones to Taiwan Islands, What About North Natuna and South China Sea?

China Deploys Scorpion Drones to Taiwan Islands, What About North Natuna and South China Sea?
China Deploys Scorpion Drones to Taiwan Islands

Beijing - China is a country that is at the root of problems in the South China Sea to Indonesia's North Natuna. The problem with Indonesia is because China dares to claim North Natuna.

North Natuna, which clearly belongs to Indonesia, is claimed by China as part of its territory. Of course, China's claim in North Natuna cannot be accepted by Indonesia. Because it is very clear that North Natuna is part of Indonesia.

Indonesia will certainly protect North Natuna from China's claims. Basically, China does not only claim North Natuna alone. More broadly, the South China Sea is almost completely claimed by China. Indonesia's maritime territories in North Natuna and other neighbors were also affected. One of them is Malaysia which is also affected by China's claims in the South China Sea.

China's claim makes Chinese ships dare to enter the waters of neighboring Indonesia. Especially when Malaysia is conducting oil and gas exploration in waters disputed by China. Chinese Coast Guard ships dare to enter Malaysia's EEZ. In addition, a Chinese survey ship is also said to have entered Malaysian waters. The series of disturbances that Malaysia received from China was shared by the neighboring media, namely Defense Security Asia.

Not unlike Malaysia, the Philippines is also one of the countries affected by China's claims. The waters of the Philippines are also included in China's claims in the South China Sea. Based on the Nine Dash Line, China seeks to control the South China Sea to North Natuna.

Of course, Indonesia, and several other ASEAN countries that were affected did not remain silent. Moreover, UNCLOS as the basis of international maritime law has already regulated the territorial sea.

In addition, China's claims in the South China Sea have also been decided by an international arbitration tribunal. China is considered to have no clear legal basis for the Nine Dash Line claim. However, China rejected the international arbitral tribunal's decision. China is still holding on to its unilateral Nine Dash Line claims in the South China Sea.

Recently, China was reported by The Eurasian Times to have deployed drones to disputed areas. But not North Natuna or South China Sea, but to the Taiwan Islands.

China is still having problems with the self-governing islands. China considers Taiwan part of mainland China. The Chinese Air Force has previously reported using the TB-001 or Scorpion drones to carry out missions in contested areas.

Scorpion drones recently carried out sorties near the Japanese islands and the Taiwan Strait. Drones have become a critical element of the Chinese Air Force's operations in the airspace over Taiwan and other closely monitored areas.

Therefore, these actions demonstrate that the drone's flying systems, sensors, and avionics have at least received sufficient testing to satisfy the Chinese military. Scorpion D is likely to be inducted into the Chinese military soon.

China is ready to send Scorpion D drones to its disputed border area with India. The new drones will expand the Chinese military's options for delivering supplies in such remote locations.

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