Be US Pride, USS Gerald R Ford To Be Deployed This Month With Added 23 New Technologies

Be US Pride, USS Gerald R Ford To Be Deployed This Month With Added 23 New Technologies
USS Gerald R Ford To Be Deployed This Month With Added 23 New Technologies

International Military - USS Gerald R Ford (CVN-78) reportedly will soon show strength. The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford, the first in this class and flagship, will soon be leaving for the short voyage. This is done before starting the initial deployment under the Department of Defense's global force management system next year.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, Global Force Management (GFM) instructed the Navy to prepare and provide troop numbers. It is these forces that are needed to implement the National Defense Strategy and incorporate complementary directed preparedness, assignment, allocation, sharing and assessment (DR4A) data into force management and force planning.

According to Ford's Office of Command, Captain Paul Lanzilotta, the upcoming voyage will take the Ford first class across the Atlantic Ocean. It will also involve stops at foreign ports.

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However, he did not specify which foreign ports would receive a port call from this giant ship. The Atlantic deployment will come amid growing hostilities between the US and Russia and increasing maritime rivalry.

A few days ago, the Nordic Gas pipeline was sabotaged in the Baltic Sea, which is a route connecting Russia with the Atlantic Ocean. According to Vice Admiral Daniel Daniel Dwyer, commander of the US 2nd Fleet, Ford will undergo eight training phases to prepare for a more routine deployment by 2023. These phases will involve conducting exercises for air defense, maritime domain awareness, and long-range maritime strikes. far. In addition, this includes distributed maritime operations, anti-submarine warfare, and naval integration.

According to the Navy Times, the Ford was originally due to be deployed in 2018. However, the ship has experienced several technical problems, equipment malfunctions, and delays. This is due to the addition of 23 technologies to the ship since its construction began in 2005. Ford's post-delivery testing and testing began in October 2019 and ended in May 2021.

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In the summer of 2021, the ship conducted three shock tests—marking the first time an aircraft carrier had conducted underwater shock testing since Theodore Roosevelt did so in 1987. Then, Ford is scheduled to be commissioned in October 2022 that is this month.

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