US Reportedly Sends Excalibur GPS-Guided Artillery Bullets to Ukraine - International Military

US Reportedly Sends Excalibur GPS-Guided Artillery Bullets to Ukraine - International Military
A Ukrainian soldier takes a selfie as an artillery system fires in Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine

Washington - The Pentagon has reportedly sent its most accurate GPS-guided artillery shell, the Excalibur, to Ukraine. It was reported by Bloomberg based on budget documents confirming previously unannounced armaments additions to combat the Russian invasion.

"The Department of Defense will spend $92 million in additional funds approved by the United States Congress to procure replacement ammunition for M982 Excalibur provided to Ukraine to support international efforts to counter Russian aggression," the document said. ).

According to Bloomberg, a plan to replenish US Excalibur stocks for the first time acknowledges that the Pentagon has supplied the advanced shells to Ukrainian forces. Previously, officials had dodged questions about the Excalibur despite reports that plans were underway to provide it and then it was already being used in Ukraine. Used in the 155mm howitzer cannon, this projectile was jointly developed by Raytheon Missiles and Defense and BAE Systems Bofor.

The precision-guided Excalibur allows battlefield commanders to aim at targets more precisely. This artillery shell has a range of 40.5 kilometers. According to Army budget documents, the Excalibur's demonstrated accuracy allows a first-round effect on the target, reducing the number of rounds required while reducing additional damage.

Based on its capabilities, the weapon may have been used sparingly to destroy Russian command posts and command and control centers as Ukrainian forces engaged in artillery duels in the east.

In addition to the previously classified Excalibur, the budget document also details the supply of well-known items such as conventional 155mm artillery shells, Javelin and Stinger anti-air missiles, the HIMARS mobile rocket system and the Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System or GMLRS, and missiles.

There are also smaller purchases of the MK-19 grenade launcher, precision sniper rifle and binoculars and a replacement battery cooling unit for the Stingers. Russia has criticized the US and its allies' arms shipments to Ukraine. Russia considers that action will only prolong the conflict.

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