Ukrainian Military Uses 1954 Model Year M-46 Towing Howitzer - International Military

Ukrainian Military Uses 1954 Model Year M-46 Cannon - International Military
Soviet-era M-46 130mm towing howitzer used by ukraine forces (pict of Illustration)

International Military - A shortage of artillery weapons has forced Ukraine to reuse old weapons that have been withdrawn from service in the armies of other countries.

The weapon is a model 1954 M-46 towed howitzer cannon, which Portal Topwar calls a 'museum masterpiece'. This weapon dates back to the era of the Soviet Union after the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45.

Soviet-era M-46 130 mm towed howitzer (or more commonly known as towed field gun), most of which have been in museums. These weapons were among others later given by Croatia to Ukraine recently.

Croatia itself used it while it was still part of Yugoslavia and was later removed from service for storage. At the request of Ukraine, 15 of these weapons have been delivered, but there is no information on the delivery date.

The M-46 was developed from the 130 mm naval M-36 gun used on ships and for coastal defense. A prototype was made in 1950. Small series production began in 1951 and was adopted from 1953 to 1971. During that period, thousands of M-46s were produced. This artillery gun was widely used by the Warsaw Pact countries at that time.

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