The Capability of Bell 412EP, Helicopter Made In Indonesia That Is Respected In Southeast ASIA

The Capability of Bell 412EP, Helicopter Made In Indonesia That Is Respected In Southeast ASIA
The Capability of Helicopter Bell 412EP Made In Indonesia That Is Respected In Southeast ASIA

Jakarta - TNI turns out to have a sophisticated helicopter called the Bell 412EP. And interestingly, the helicopter is a ship made in Indonesia. PT DI is the one who makes the advanced transport helicopter. Informed on the Indonesian Aerospace page, the Bell 412EP belongs to the medium class helicopter. This means that the helicopter's carrying capacity is quite high, reaching 13 people and 2 people as pilots. And not only is it capable of carrying a lot of cargo, the Bell 412EP is also famous for its cruising range.

This helicopter made in Indonesia can cover a distance of 744 kilometers, with a speed of 130 knots or 240 kilometers per hour. The Bell 412EP is a high quality helicopter that is the pride of Indonesia. Evidently, until now this helicopter is still actively operating with the TNI.

The Bell 412EP is indeed a high quality helicopter that is the pride of Indonesia. Moreover, there is interesting information from the PT DI website about the helicopter. "Thus, the goal is to serve the design according to the target: high safety, easy maintenance, high availability, and low operating costs," explained PT DI.

From this explanation, the Bell 412EP helicopter has many advantages. For this reason, Indonesia is very proud to have a Bell 412EP helicopter. The ability of this helicopter has been proven by the elite Satgultor TNI.

The Bell 412EP Helicopter Made In Indonesia
The Bell 412EP Helicopter Made In Indonesia

Quoted from Instagram @puspentni, the elite TNI Satgultor unit did fast roping from the Bell 412EP helicopter. The dangerous activity was carried out at the Mercure Ancol Hotel, North Jakarta on June 21. And it's true, the action is a series of exercises that the TNI usually does.

But the capabilities of the Bell 412EP helicopter deserve thumbs up. Quoted from the developer, PT DI built the Bell 412EP with a 4-blade rotor system. That is, the helicopter can fly quickly, without making a fuss. With that engine, the Bell 412EP helicopter can fly for 3.5 hours above 7,600 feet.

And indeed, in addition to loading a lot of goods, this helicopter is famous for its agility and speed. Because he himself is supported by the engine type T6T-3D Twin Pac. The engines produce 1,600 SHP each.

In addition, the Bell 412EP helicopter is also FAA-FAR Part-29 Transport Category Rotorcraft certified, meaning it can operate both day and night. This helicopter also provides security for the crew on board, because it is covered with armored plates. Apart from being safe, the Bell 412EP is also easy to maintain due to its low operating costs. All of that hasn't discussed the weaponry.

The Bell 412EP helicopter can be armed with two 7.62mm guns. That means, Minigun and HMG can be installed on both sides of the Bell 412EP helicopter. Therefore, this helicopter has a wide door to facilitate loading and unloading, especially logistics goods with wide dimensions.

And as mentioned above, the Bell 412EP is a high-performance transport helicopter. This means he can perform various tactical transport missions such as personal transport, search and rescue (SAR), and offshore operations.

Then the Bell 412EP helicopter also supports medical or other ambulance missions. Therefore, both military and even police missions are able to use this helicopter.

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