Tensions Rise, Here's a Comparison of Chinese and Taiwanese Fighter Jets - Who's Strongest?

Tensions Rise, Here's a Comparison of Chinese and Taiwanese Fighter Jets - Who's Strongest
Comparison of Chinese and Taiwanese Fighter Jets

International Military - China and Taiwan are heating up. The latest, Tuesday (30/8/2022), the Taiwanese military fired warning shots at a Chinese drone that was on a small island off the coast of Taiwan. The warning shots were fired shortly after President Tsai Ing Wen ordered Taiwan's military to take countermeasures against Chinese drones flying in areas under Taiwan's control.

Talking about the military strength of China and Taiwan, there are differences in terms of military strength and defense equipment owned by the two parties. One of the defense equipment that can be compared is a fighter jet.

Then how do the fighter jets owned by China and Taiwan compare? Here's the review.

1. China

China's Air Force
Based on Global Firepower, China ranks second in the list of countries that have a fighter jet power. The number of fighter jets owned by China reached 1,200 units. There are several fighter jets that are the mainstay of this country, such as the Chengdu J-20, Shenyang FC-31, Shenyang J-11, Sukhoi Su-27, and Sukhoi Su-30. The Chengdu J-20 is a fighter jet manufactured by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group.

This fighter jet has high maneuverability and integrated avionics, supersonic cruising speed, to stealth technology. The Chengdu J-20 is rated on par with the United States' F-35 Lighting Strike Fighters and Lockhead F-22 Raptors.

In addition to producing its own fighter jets, China also uses Russian fighter jets, namely the Sukhoi Su-27. In addition to fighter jets, China's air power is also supported by 912 helicopters, 317 attack aircraft, and 281 combat helicopters.

2. Taiwan

Taiwan Air Force

With its fleet of fighter jets, Taiwan ranks eighth. It is known, Taiwan has 288 fighter jets. One of the fighter jets owned by Taiwan is the F-16V. The F-16V is the most advanced version of Taiwan's fighter jet.

The F-16V fighter jet is equipped with a highly capable radar, can track more than 20 targets, is equipped with the latest warfare systems, precise GPS navigation and an automatic ground collision avoidance system.

Taiwan's air power is also supported by 208 helicopters, 91 combat helicopters. In July 2022, Taiwan showcased the capabilities of its own advanced fighter jet, the AT-5 Brave Eagle. The fighter jet is designed to have a support function when a war occurs.

That's the comparison of the fighter jet fleets of the two countries, both China and Taiwan, countries with extraordinary capabilities.

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