Russia Ready to Use Oscar II K-329 Belgorod-class Nuclear Submarine That Can Generate Tsunami

Russia Ready to Use Oscar II K-329 Belgorod-class Nuclear Submarine That Can Generate Tsunami
Russia Ready to Use Oscar II K-329 Belgorod-class Nuclear Submarine That Can Generate Tsunami

Moscow - After United Kingdom showed off its sophisticated submarine a few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin is reportedly preparing to launch a submarine capable of carrying nuclear combat drones that can hit radioactive tsunami waves, As quoted from the Mirror, Saturday (3/9/2022), Russia is said to be continuing to develop advanced weapons while its invasion of Ukraine is still at a stalemate despite more than six months.
The Oscar II K-329 Belgorod-class Nuclear Submarine

The Russian Navy does not have reliable aircraft carriers but the Kremlin is replacing them with a powerful submarine fleet with the latest submarines equipped with the most modern missiles. The Oscar II K-329 Belgorod fast attack submarine is the largest Moscow built in 30 years.

The K-329 Belgorod was introduced to the public at an event in Severodvinsk on 8 July. This submarine has a length of 167.3 meters and a width of 15 meters and is equipped with two nuclear reactors. It underwent three years of testing, while some reports stated that the submarine was ready for use.

The 79ft Poseidon underwater nuclear drones are designed to trigger a radioactive tsunami

The K-329 Belgorod submarine is capable of carrying the Poseidon nuclear torpedo with a submarine equipped with six weapons of mass destruction. Torpedoes are described by military experts as the most feared weapon by the United States navy.

A Russian news channel claims that Poseidon was able to erase Britain from the world map with a 'radioactive tsunami wave'. The torpedo has a length of 24 meters and can move at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour and reach a depth of 975 meters.

It is also said to have an unlimited range and can cause a two megaton explosion underwater. The explosion of one megaton is equal to the force of one million tons of explosive TNT. However, it will take several years before the missile is ready for use.

“The real goal is to coat the coastal areas of enemy countries with radioactive material because the effects of underwater nuclear explosions are quite permanent and difficult to recover from. "A fast torpedo strike will bypass the missile defense capabilities of the United States," according to Russian media reports.

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Previously, the British submarine HMS Anson was equipped with 38 Spearfish torpedoes and Block V Tomahawk cruise missiles and was valued at £1.3 billion. Nuclear Weapons Manufacture This can be used to destroy enemy ships and submarines, gather intelligence and protect other British Royal Navy ships.

The HMS Anson Nuclear Submarine

HMS Anson can reach speeds of over 30 knots and is 97 meters long and has room for all 98 of its crew on board the submarine. The ship's Rolls Royce nuclear reactor means it doesn't need to be refueled for its 25 year life.

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