Only Have 10 Units, Russia Builds New Facilities For the Production of the Su-57 Fighter

Only Have 10 Units, Russia Builds New Facilities For the Production of the Su-57 Fighter
Russia Builds New Facilities For the Production of the Su-57 Fighter

International Military - Russia is known to be trying to build a new production facility for serial production of the Su-57 stealth fighter. As is known, the country's Su-57 is currently still very limited.

It is hoped that with the new production facilities, more Su-57s can be produced. In fact, most likely, the new production line will also take over the production of other Russian aircraft, such as the Su-75.

Quoted from Bulgarian Military, inside the new production facility, the Russian Federation is building an avionics test facility, fuel dock and engine test station. According to unconfirmed information and according to Russian sources, the new production facility will have facilities for pilot training with virtual reality systems.

The Su-57 has been in serial production for at least two years, but so far only about 10 have been built. Russia expects to receive 76 Su-57 Felons, according to the agreement signed between the Russian Federation and Rostec.

Sukhoi Su-57 Next Generation Fighter in Production

Vladimir Artyakov, Rostec's first deputy general director, recently announced that "the new facility of the KnAAZ flight test station will receive the first aircraft" in the second half of next year.

Reporting from, the development of the Su-57 jet is indeed quite a secret. One thing is for sure there are very few of the Su-57s in the Russian Air Force. While initial plans were for the aircraft to enter service in 2017, in 2019 only one production Su-57 was launched off the assembly line.

While the plane was being tested, it crashed in December 2019, before reaching the Air Force. It wasn't until December 2022 that the Russian Aerospace Forces were able to get their first Felon.

Su-57 Prototypes Flanked by Su-34 (left) and Su-35

In January 2022 the second batch of Su-57s was delivered, consisting of two more aircraft. Then, in May 2022, two more were spotted at an air base near Novosibirsk. Some reports claim that the plane was later delivered to the Air Force, which is the third batch of deliveries. However, there has been no official announcement regarding this.

This brings the total number of serially-built Su-57s serving the Russian Air Force to three or five, depending on whether the last pair have been delivered or whether they are still being tested.

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