List of 4 Best Russian-made Tanks With Advanced Technology - International Military

List of 4 Best Russian-made Tanks With Advanced Technology - International Military
List of 4 Best Russian-made Tanks With Advanced Technology

International Military - The conflict between Russia and Ukraine is getting increasingly fierce. Both sides prepare the best combat equipment that they will use in the war. In fact, Russia is the second country with the largest military force after America. The combat weapons owned by Russia are known to have the best quality.

According to the Rand Corporation and IIS, Russia has about 2,700 battle tanks which are the main weapons used to launch its attacks. Russia is famous for having high-end tanks. Of the thousands of tanks owned by Russia, there are 4 of the best tanks they use in battle. Here's the review.

1. Tank Type T-34

This type of T-34 tank is one of the strongest tanks owned by Russia. The T-34 was introduced by Russia in 1940. This tank was created and used to replace the BT Cavalry Tank type. The T-34 tank is armored thicker than any of the BT series. This tank was believed to be more effective in striking against German anti-tank weapons. This tank provides more off-road mobility.

2. Tank T-14 Amartha

The T-14 type tank is designed to be equipped with a 152 mm cannon. This tank is a new tank made by Russia and is one of the strongest main tanks which is the fourth generation of Russia and was made in 2015.

There are many new and interesting features of Amartha. This tank bears little resemblance to the T-90 which is still in use today. The T-14 is capable of firing up to ten rounds per minute and can hit targets at a distance of up to seven kilometers.

The tank is also equipped with its own radar system, so the T-14 can also hit aircraft and prevent enemy-launched rockets and missiles. Read: Slovenia will send 28 Soviet-era tanks to Ukraine

3. Tank T-72BM

The T-72BM tank is a second generation model that uses a built-in dynamic 5-contact protection system that can shoot down enemy projectiles flying at the engine. The tank is equipped with a 125mm smoothbore gun which allows firing guided missiles.

Equipped with a V-shaped multi-fuel diesel engine with a capacity of 840 hp, the driver can accelerate to as far as 60 km/hour. To date, about 2,000 T-72BMs and B3s are in service and another 7,000 are still in storage.

4. T-90A Vladimir . tank

The name Vladimir was named by the person who designed this beast. This is one way they honor the legacy of their inventors. The T-90A featured a “fairy tale” 1,000 horsepower engine at the rear of the vehicle.

When compared to the T-800U series, it is not very voracious, but close to speed. As the successor to the T-72BM, the T-90 uses the guns and G46 gunner sights of the T-80U, a new engine, and heat sensing.

The T-90 is also equipped with a “three-tier” protection system. The first tier is composite armored, consisting of a base armored shell with alternate layers of aluminum and plastic inserts.

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