For the first time, China's J-20 Mighty Dragon and US F-22 Raptor Have A Virtual Battle

For the first time, China's J-20 Mighty Dragon and US F-22 Raptor Have A Virtual Battle
China's J-20 Mighty Dragon and US F-22 Raptor Have A Virtual Battle

International Military - China's J-20 Mighty Dragon stealth fighter jet has in fact been pitted against the F-22 Raptor. Although virtually, but the battle was very interesting to discuss. Moreover, this is the world's first virtual battle between real and simulated aircraft.

Quoted from the Eurasian Times, China's virtual jet was projected onto a virtual reality screen mounted on the F-22 pilot's helmet. Two US companies, Red 6 and EpiSci, were responsible for this test. Then, they also reported the success of testing their augmented reality training package.

F-22 pilots took part in tests from the cockpit of the experimental Freeflight Composites Berkut 560. However, the enemy was an augmented reality simulation of China's J-20 stealth jet produced by EpiSci's Tactical AI technology and not controlled by any pilot.

US F-22 Raptor

“With the first visual-range aerial combat against AI bandits, EpiSci's Tactical AI demonstrates the ability to work in real aircraft, with ready-to-fly hardware and sensors,” said Chris Gentile, EpiSci's Vice President of Tactical Autonomous Systems.

“While autonomous systems controlling fighter aircraft may be in the future, these systems are now poised to bring next-generation capabilities to our training programme. Provides direct benefits to the USAF's ability to develop and maintain world-class fighter pilots. By introducing them to this technology now, they will be better equipped to use a variety of unmanned tools in the future."

Previously, the J-20 Mighty Dragon has also been reported to have met with the F-35, the US's flagship stealth jet. Quoted from The Aviation Geek Club, the meeting even amazed a US Air Force General (USAF) Kenneth Wilsbach, Commander, Pacific Air Force.

China's J-20 Mighty Dragon

He said on March 14, 2022 during a discussion posted on the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies YouTube channel, that the Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II stealth fighter had at least one encounter with China's Chengdu J-20 Mighty Dragon stealth fighter. However, as Flight Global first noted, Wilsbach did not specify when the F-35/J-20 encounter took place, or if there was more than one.

“It's too early to say what they want to do with the J-20, so all we see is air superiority. But we noticed that they flew it pretty well. We recently — I wouldn't call it an engagement — where we were relatively close to the J-20 along with our F-35s in the East China Sea, and we were relatively impressed with the command and control associated with the J-20," he said of the role played by Mighty Dragon. 

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