Capability of Howitzer Denel G5 Mk IIl 155mm, Towed Artillery Mainstay Malaysian Army

Capability of Howitzer Denel G5 Mk IIl 155mm, Towed Artillery Mainstay Malaysian Army
Malaysian Army Howitzer Denel G5 Mk IIl 155mm

Kuala Lumpur - In 2000 the Malaysian Ministry of Defense signed an agreement with the Denel Group of South Africa to acquire 22 G5 Mk lII 155/45 tow howitzers.

According to an official statement from Denel, the agreement for the 22 weapons also includes the acquisition of a Fire Control System (FCS), ammunition, logistical assistance and training. From its procurement in 2000 until now, the G5 Mk III howitzer remains the largest caliber gun relied on by the Malaysian Army.

The Malaysian Ministry of Defense itself has made further acquisitions to increase their number, as reported by Army Recognition (23/8). Regarding the G5, this howitzer is based on the Canadian GC-45, but has been modified so that it can operate according to environmental conditions in South Africa and its regional countries.

The G5 MK III is equipped with an Auxiliary Power Unit (APU) to make it easier for it to move on its own (for a limited distance) at a speed of 16 km/hour without a tow vehicle. The APU allows firing and shifting modes to some extent to avoid the threat of enemy artillery counterattacks thanks in part to the information transmitted by the counter-battery radar.

Using the AS2000 Fire Control System, the G5 Mk lII howitzer can fire three munitions per minute. If firing Extended Range Full Bore (ERFB), the G5 Mk lll can hit targets as far as 30 km and using Base Bleed, the range can be up to 39 km.

If using Rocket Assisted Projectile (RAP) ammunition, it can hit targets up to a distance of 50 km. Weighing around 13.75 tonnes, the G5 Mk III can be transported by air using transport aircraft such as the Lockheed Martin C-130 and Airbus A400M Atlas.

Over the last few years, Denel has developed a variant of the G5 that is more capable in terms of accuracy and range, using a 52 caliber gun referred to as the G5-2000.

The G5, which began operating in 1983, has been widely used by the South African military in various conflicts involving the lowest country on the African continent. The G5 crane howitzer has also earned the battle proven stamp in other fields, namely the Iran-Iraq War and the Gulf War.

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